There’s no missing a GP30’s characteristic “hump,” which was developed at the GM Automotive Styling Center. As well as creating a more modern appearance, the design was a practical way to house air intakes for the central air system and dynamic brakes. Bachmann carries on the prototype’s innovative history by offering a new DCC sound-equipped model. Our exclusive Sound Value SoundTraxx® diesel sound package includes prototypical prime mover, 3 air horns, and bell—all in polyphonic 16-bit sound. This model also features all-wheel drive, operating headlight, and E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers. Jump into DCC sound with the new GP30 today!

SHIPPING NOW! MSRP $239.00 each

Item No. 67601 B&O® #6944 (Sunburst Scheme)
Item No. 67602 PRR #2200
Item No. 67603 SOUTHERN PACIFIC #5016 (Bloody Nose)
Item No. 67604 SANTA FE #1218
Item No. 67605 UNION PACIFIC® #839


Posted on 2017-11-16 13:46:29

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