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April 25, 2018, 10:04:35 PM
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 on: Today at 09:40:22 PM 
Started by Sparks - Last post by TrainshockeylifE
They also just come out with CGI faces and a birthday Thomas.

 on: Today at 07:54:46 PM 
Started by Barry Karlberg - Last post by Barry Karlberg
I would like to move my 2-6-0 tender lite from the side to the middle but I can't get the the fixture to come loose when gently, pulling up on it. I have a hunch it's glued on rather than just held in by friction.

Any suggestions on easy removal?



 on: Today at 06:38:14 PM 
Started by Sparks - Last post by JLK2707
I’m honestly not surprised that Hornby discontinued their thomas range forever this time. After all, they hadn’t released anything new since the range was reintroduced back in 2015.

 on: Today at 03:02:56 PM 
Started by Rupa - Last post by Rupa
Len, thank you very much


 on: Today at 02:04:01 PM 
Started by Trainman203 - Last post by Trainman203
Watching “Runaway “ now, about half through.  Intolerably corny, stilted, and predictable, but the railroad component isn’t too bad.  The GP30s are cool , looks like an old covered wagon B unit trails them, and at least some of the cars are nice old heavyweights.

They blow the horn way too much, it is a cheezy  dub-in, and at one point the engineer says something to the effect that he is going to put air into the train line to apply the brakes, exactly the opposite as to how air brakes really work.

The passengers are a predictable mix of heros, cowards, and scoundrels, an unhappily married couple, etc etc.

Will report at the end.

 on: Today at 12:41:39 PM 
Started by rogertra - Last post by Bill Baker

Any word back from Bachmann yet on your 2-6-0 request?  I had the same problem on a 2-8-0 I sent in for repairs about 5 years ago and got a new one instead of my original.  I'm beginning to think that Bachmann management needs to address their communication problems with the public.


 on: Today at 12:20:28 PM 
Started by Sparks - Last post by Rodimus Supreme
And when was the last time anything was released in the line that was new? That's my point. I haven't seen them make anything *new* in a while.

 on: Today at 11:58:32 AM 
Started by Sparks - Last post by TrainshockeylifE
They also have Arry and Bert

 on: Today at 11:41:52 AM 
Started by Terry Toenges - Last post by Terry Toenges
Here's one more. This time with the lights out and only the "stars" shining.

 on: Today at 11:08:43 AM 
Started by Razmataz - Last post by Len
Yes, I generally splice. I keep a couple of spools of this around for doing it:

I use the black for 'common', center wire of the Bachmann cable, green for 'normal route', and read for 'diverging route'. Just flip the plug on the controller if 'normal' and 'diverging' aren't where you want them.


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