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Title: Bad luck with On30 Shay
Post by: #94 on April 21, 2007, 09:44:13 AM
 Just recieved a replacment  Shay from service. Have ran it a little (20 min) runs smooth and quite compared to the first. But today, ran backwards for photo ops (DC). Stopped, attempted to run forward and light comes on but will not move either direction now. How can such a wonderful loco give me such bad luck? Using headlight as testor there is power pickup at both trucks, so my only guess would be wire at motor.  Guess I need to box and mail it.

Title: Re: Bad luck with On30 Shay
Post by: #94 on April 21, 2007, 09:25:30 PM
Runs fine now? I tried several times ,no luck. I gently nudged forward then backward,no luck. With the tip of my Labelle 102 oiler I gently touched the lower ( on crank shaft) gear to check for bind, then the gear you can see through side of firebox, no bind. Lastly I held the Shay upside down and firmly tapped the ashpan ( bottom of firebox) with Bic pen three times, placed back on track and it runs. Whats up with that?

Title: Re: Bad luck with On30 Shay
Post by: WoundedBear on April 24, 2007, 11:49:40 AM
I had a similar experience with a Bachmann HO Shay and a Climax. Same thing.....seemed like it was stuck....lights on and able to re-adress the decoder.......just no movement.

A flick with my finger on the side of the Shay got her going, and a rap on the bottom of the gear box, with a small plastic handled screwdriver, freed up the Climax.

Personally, I think it's just a sticky brush problem until these units get broken in. I have had similar brush problems on things like drills and even the alternator for my car.