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Title: A Sorely Needed Plasticville item in G scale...
Post by: Mr. T. on February 07, 2010, 07:59:37 PM
When I was a kid, my 027 gauge Marx and Lionel sets ALWAYS had at least one  Plasticville signal bridge for safety on the line!  :)

Now that I'm into my 10th or 12th Childhood (the others including ham radio, motorcycles, guns, hunting dogs, kilts, and, would you believe, officiating in Womens Flat Track Roller Derby!) and I'm getting back to it in G scale, I REALLY miss that signal bridge.

I know that Aristo Craft makes a similar item, but Bachman / Plasticville can do a bit of "One Upsmanship" on them with this item.

The old O gauge bridge, and the current G scale Aristo Craft, are both configured for spanning a two track main line. However, these days we think in larger terms than that sometimes.

How about reengineering the bridge to accept 1 or 2 track "expander sections" in the middle to make it useful for 3 track (2 track main plus a spur or passing shunt track), or 4 track areas?

It's worth a thought, anyway...