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Title: Raising the coupler height on a Bachmann 2-4-4
Post by: ksivils on July 11, 2007, 10:42:20 PM
Has anyone tried raising the coupler height on one of the Bachmann
On30 2-4-4s?

I mount all my couplers at On3 coupler height. I have no desire to
have a Maine 2 ft. locomotive, but Forneys like this one did find
their way into the south on sugar lines (OK - not this big and they
were usually 0-4-4 Porters, etc.) but if you install a cabbage stack
on this rascal, you have a really cool looking woods locomotive that
could also travel on the main fast enough to beat the local schedule,
allowing the logger to obtain trackage rights.

Anyone who has one of these, can you comment or make suggestions. I
usually use KD 803 On3 couplers, but would be willing to use overset,
or is it underset couplers to get up to the required height.

I just don't want to invest the price needed on one of these little
locomotives if the conversion is not possible.