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Title: New SPC Flatcar and Bachmann Brass Track!\
Post by: RkyGriz on October 20, 2017, 07:47:29 PM
Hi guys. I just got a very nice set of 12 Bachmann brass straight tracks for  the low price of $67.00 from a third party seller on Amazon.  The track was supposed to be used in an open box, but it turned out to be brand new in an open box. A real score of a deal!I also bought a brand new,still sealed in the box South Pacific Coast flatcar from a seller on Ebay. Unfortunately,it took 11 days to arrive due to him delaying shipment and when it finally arrived,it was only wrapped in brown packing paper with a piece of cardboard over the plastic window! He then essentially mummified the whole thing with Ebay logo packing tape. He's darn lucky that it didn't arrive damaged due to what I consider to be his inadequate packing methods!
Anyway, I just posted a video showcasing the flatcar on my youtube account:
Now, all that's really left to finish off my SPC is to find a caboose. There is a manufacturer who makes one and I've found a dealer with a supply, however ,the cost is slightly over $100.00 and I'm waiting to see if one will show up on Ebay(hopefully from a better seller!)instead of ordering it from an online dealer.
We'll see.
Have a great one!