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Title: Silverton flyer locomotive
Post by: BigP on December 26, 2017, 03:25:27 PM
I inherited this and got it running for the grand kids for Christmas.  Some of the lit suggests this is smoke capable but I cannot find a switch for such (on the front).  Does anyone know for sure that it is/isn't capable of smoke?  PS: This is a G scale train.

regards, BigP

Title: Re: Silverton flyer locomotive
Post by: Bipeflier on January 02, 2018, 03:34:22 PM
From the on line instruction manual: (

The locomotive in your Big Haulers
® set may be equipped with a smoke generator OR a smoke generator and a polarity switch.
Switches for these accessory features are located behind the smokebox door at the front end of your locomotive (figure 16).
To operate the smoke generator, put 3 or 4 drops of smoke fluid down the smoke stack. (A plastic vial of smoke fluid is included
with smoke-equipped Big Haulers
® locomotives). Move the smoke generator switch to the “on” position and begin operation. If you
operate your locomotive without smoke fluid, be sure to turn off the smoke generator. Failure to do so will burn out the smoke unit.
Note: it is not recommended that you run your locomotive above 16 volts with the smoke unit turned on. This
may also cause the smoke unit to burn out.
If your Big Haulers
® locomotive is equipped with a polarity switch, you will find either a two-position or three-position switch. The
two-position polarity switch allows you to operate according to either NMRA (US) or NEM (European) standards. The three-position
switch features an additional “center off” position that cuts track power to the locomotive, allowing it to remain on your layout while
other trains run.