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Title: New to ho trains having trouble with speed
Post by: Kody on January 01, 2018, 02:35:40 PM
We purchased a Overland HO train set with addition track and 4 Y sections. Once installed flat with all connections correct it seemed to run slow but was functional. When the overhead track was installed we could not go up the incline.
Do we need a larger speed controller? # 46605A
Is there conductive grease that will help with voltage loss on a larger track?
Thank You

Title: Re: New to ho trains having trouble with speed
Post by: jward on January 01, 2018, 03:08:13 PM
I am going to assume you have one of the trestle sets for your up and over track?

The overland set has about 8 cars and caboose. That is a pretty big train to haul up the step grade that results from the use of the pier set. A locomotive will only pull 1/6 on a 4% grade of what it will pull on the level. Resulting grade from the pier set is even steeper than that, which would further reduce pulling power. Since this is an issue of traction the use of a larger power supply will have no effect.

You can try two things: First, you can reduce the amount of cars in the train until the locomotive can pull them. Or you can reduce the steepness of the upgrade by moving the foot of the climb further back, resulting in a longer run. I would recommend no more than 3/8" rise per full track section, that works out to approximately 4%. If possible, lessen the steepness even further. The less steep your upgrade, the more cars you will be able to pull.