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September 18, 2018, 03:59:40 PM
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1  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: September 05, 2018, 12:06:10 AM
Thank you angelob6660. I have the Bachmann 0-4-0  chassis modified and the 2 wheel trailing wheels added so I now have the 0-4-2T chassis done. Now that I know how to modify the chassis I plan on doing two more of the same to use for Sir Handel and Proteus. Painting and lining of the loco body is next so should have some more photos of Peter Sam in a week or two.

2  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: September 01, 2018, 11:29:04 PM
Since it has been almost a month from the last post here,  I thought that I would post an update on my completed and current projects. First I am very happy with the final image for Rusty posted here in another thread. I will be very happy get him hopefully sometime before the end of the year. I have also completed my Duncan model inspired by Chaz project posted here on previous pages.

As you can see in the first photo my OO9 Thomas Narrow Gauge loco roster is steadily growing. Next to the shed is Smudger purchased from BassTBone, thank you Michael. next is Mighty Mac and Duke built by myself, Skarloey, Rheneas by Bachmann, and Duncan just completed following Chaz Duncan project. You can also see in the foreground the 3D printed Peter Sam and the Bachmann 0-4-0 N scale swithcher to be used for a power chassis for Peter Sam. I am also gathering parts required for future projects to build Sir Handel and Freddie.

Here are a few close up photos of my Duncan model. The Minitrains Stainz loco used for a power chassis is a very smooth runner although at a very high price. I am really not to clear on the controversy discussed here about the differences between the model series Duncan and the CGI Duncan and hope someone here can explain this to the rest of us

Here is a close up of the 3D printed Peter Sam and the Bachmann N scale 0-4-0 chassis I will be using to build my next project.

After I have finished all of these models I will have most of the Narrow Gauge models needed for my narrow gauge layout also under construction. I am still very interested in obtaining all of the narrow gauge models that Bachmann produces over the next several years to complete the "first six" but my models will serve as very nice place holders until that happens.

If anyone can explain to me why my photos are not displaying properly I would appreciate it. I have searched everywhere for how to edit photos in Tiny Pic and I cannot find anything. My photos display properly on my iPhone but not on my computer. Help Please!


3  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: August 06, 2018, 10:47:11 PM
First of all I think you have confused the different HO/OO narrow gauge modeling scales or gauges.

HOn3 refers to HO scale 3 foot gauge.

HOn30 or OO9 are the scale and gauges used for our Thomas narrow gauge models.

HOn30 refers to HO scale (1/87) with a gauge of 30 inches, also sometimes called HOn2 1/2.

OO9 refers to OO scale (1/76) with a gauge of 9mm or N gauge track.

This may be why you are having difficulty finding what you are looking for regarding Thomas narrow gauge equipment which will not run on HOn3 track.

I hope this helps,
4  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: July 22, 2018, 01:21:59 PM
While completing my Duncan model the original Shapeways 3D loco body that I ordered was printed and shipped from the UK. This model was very nicely done with fine detail and very smooth surfaces. Unfortunately I dropped this model and had to order a replacement. Apparently now when you order anything from Shapeways from the USA the order is now printed in Queens, NY or Salt Lake City, UT which does cut down the delivery time and shipping costs. My issue is that the quality of the 3D model printed in the USA does not seem to be of the same as the original model printed in the UK. I only noticed this because I had both side by side to compare. Has anyone else had this experience?

Perhaps someone familiar with this issue could enlighten us.

5  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: July 10, 2018, 02:58:41 PM
Thank you for your comments. In order to give credit where credit is due, first of all it is actually a Bachmann Rheneas model that BassTBone did an outstanding job of repainting and then sold it to me. All I did was complete the black and gold lining and install the Narrow Planet name and number plates. The only thing left to do is install the engineer and fireman figures as I have done on my other Narrow Gauge locos. A note to Bachmann, since you already have the Rheneas tooling someday you might consider doing a re-color of Rheneas and produce a Smudger loco. Of course this can wait until Peter San and Sir Handel are produced I would think.

Looking forward to adding Rusty to my narrow gauge collection.

6  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: July 09, 2018, 10:23:01 PM
Hello to BassTbone and All;

Since there has not been much posted here for awhile I thought I would post a photo of my completed Smudger model that I purchased from BassTbone earlier. I have modeled Smudger as he appeared just before being turned into a generator loco outside the shed. I added the black and gold lining and name and number plates from Narrow Planet. I think that Smudger looks pretty good and hope you all do too. Thanks Michael.

I have also finished my Duncan model following Chaz construction postings on this list. I am looking forward to seeing the next progress posts and I will post a few photos after Chaz completes his construction series. Thanks again for your inspiration with this construction series as with your Duke model previously.

Also for those that have Rusty on backorder at TW, they just changed their expected date from June 30, 2018 to December 31, 2018 which is probably no surprise since there have been no updates or production photos yet.

7  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: June 03, 2018, 04:07:59 PM
Yes both the blue and cream and the green and cream open coaches were built from Shapeways kits along with several of my freight cars. I use Peco OO9 couplers and pockets and Minitrains N scale wheels with these cars. The painting and detailing was done by myself. Glad you liked them.

8  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: May 30, 2018, 09:46:52 PM
Glad to hear that you have received your Minitrains Stainz loco. As you can see the loco chassis is tail end heavy so the Duncan loco body will need some weight added. I used A-Line #13010 Moldable Lead Weight to fill the boiler of my Duncan which balances the loco out nicely. It is available at many railroad hobby suppliers. It is usually used to add weight to brass locomotive boilers. Looking forward to following your imspiring progress.

Recently purchased a Smudger loco from BassTbone. Very nice job Michael very happy to have it. I am expecting the name and number plates for both Duncan and Smudger very soon and I will post some more Layout progress photos including the new locos as soon as the plates arrive from Narrow Planet.

Very glad to hear of the early release of Paxton and Grumpy Deisel from Trainworld. Maybe the 6-30-18 release date for Rusty has some validity.

9  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: May 03, 2018, 06:56:04 PM
Sorry not to have replied sooner, but I have been up to Train Mountain in Oregon all last week. Thanks for the info on the tunnel portals Chaz, I will keep looking for some N scale portals that will work on my HOn30 layout.

Very nice progress on your Duncan indeed, thanks for sharing. If you have any trouble figuring out how the body comes off of the Minitrains Stainz loco used as the drive for Duncan, just un-screw the smoke stack and it all comes off. It took me awhile to figure that one out. Looking forward to seeing further progress on Duncan.

10  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: April 18, 2018, 01:34:09 PM

Nice scenery work, always glad to see layout photos. I have been looking for tunnel portals for my narrow gauge layout too and HO portals are of course too big and the N scale ones I have seen are too small. The one pictured looks about right for HOn30 so I would like to know who makes it if you know.

Thank you for any info,
11  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: April 04, 2018, 01:02:29 PM
Very nice work so far on your Duncan loco. It was a smart decision on your part to do Duncan now since it will most likely be 3-5 years before Bachmann gets around to doing Duncan assuming that they will do Peter Sam and Sir Handel first. Since they both have the same wheel arrangement as Skarloey perhaps that may simplify the tooling somewhat.

Thank you for sharing your progress with us all here.

12  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: April 01, 2018, 03:47:16 PM
Hello to All:

I see that there has not been much activity lately so I thought that I would post a few progress shots of my 2 by 4 foot HOn30 layout. As I have posted earlier the layout is based on John Allen's first Gorre & Daphetid 3 by 7 Foot HO layout. I just reduced it to 2 by 4 feet and used N gauge track in the smaller space. I am using Devil's Gulch & Helengon as my railroad name as that is what John Allen called his Narrow Gauge railroad.

I have just finished laying the track and switches, installed the control panel, and started the 2 wood trestles. I still need to install the switches in the control panel for the track blocks and the turntable tracks and then wire it all so that I will have control of which loco I am running since there is provision for just one wireless cab control. I have installed the timber trestle bents but I still need to finish all of the stringers on both trestles. So far I have installed 5 turntable stalls including a fifth reserved for Rusty and plan on adding about 3 more for a small engine shed and maybe one or two extras for a total of ten stalls. Scenery wise there will be a small sawmill on the upper right spurs which can see seen sitting on the layout and a small mine entrance on the spur at the upper right of the layout. The track plan is basically a spiral up and down and a small branchline to the sawmill, two short spurs at the mine, two yard tracks, and the turntable. The turntable is a Peco N scale 6 inch manual turntable to which I have added a crank attachment which can be seen at the left of my control panel in the first photo.

I am adding 4 progress photos but I am having a problem with editing the photos in TinyPic to display correctly, so sorry if they are not rotated as they should be shown. If anyone knows what I am not doing correctly please let me know.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

I hope you all enjoy seeing my layout progress as I always enjoy seeing the progress others have posted here. Looking forward to Rusty getting here and also to seeing Chaz progress on his Duncan loco. I hope that this post brings some life back to my favorite Bachmann Forum thread.

13  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: March 19, 2018, 08:40:10 PM

The smoke boxes on my Mighty Mac loco are slightly less than 7/16 of an inch. This is why it was difficult to find faces small enough to fit. The Ertl metal Rheneas faces were the only ones I was able to find that would fit properly.

I just finished laying the track on my HOn30 layout and I am wiring the track and panel now. I am still building the bents for both trestles and will take a few more photos soon.

14  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: March 09, 2018, 12:25:30 AM
Hello again:

Here is a copy of the HO G&D track plan I am using as a model for my HOn30 layout. The original layout was about 3 by 7 feet and my layout using Peco HOn30 track is just 2 by 4 feet. The curves are tight and the grades steep but this is a narrow gauge logging and mining railroad after all. I have tested Skarloey and Rheneas on curves as tight as 6 inch radius and grades of up to 6% so we will see how it all works out.

The second photo shows progress so far with the track roadbed and cork all down. The photo shows the switch templates used to correctly position the track. The turntable is a Peco 6 inch N scale manual turntable that can be driven my either a crank or electric motor. I am using Peco switches because they have a locking point setup so that they can be used manually. While the Peco track is actually N gauge the narrow gauge track has wider spaced ties to represent HOn30 or OO9. The Peco track and switches have been ordered and should be here next week. I will post additional photos once some track is down. The two elevated sections of roadbed in the center area will be timber trestles which I am building now. The ruler in the photo is 15 inches for reference and the layout is 2 by 4 feet for portability. The layout photo may appear upside down because I cannot figure out how to edit it in TinyPic.

15  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Narrow Gauge Modeling Thread on: March 08, 2018, 02:11:04 PM
Hello to All:

Just to let everyone know, I just pre-ordered Rusty from TW with an estimated due date of June 2018.

I have also started a small HOn30 2 by 4 foot layout based on the Gorre & Dephetid HO layout of John Allen fame. I will post a few photos as soon I can take some.

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