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January 16, 2018, 01:44:37 PM
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1  Discussion Boards / HO / Re: Bachmann Turntable DCC setup on: December 03, 2017, 09:35:07 PM
 first off you didn't say who's decoder you installed, if its the bachmann decoder then yes you assign the turntable an address just like you would a locomotive. i to have an nce powercab and i prefer to use a 4 digit number and would give it a ie #1000 so it wouldn't conflict with my loco #s.thats just my preference though.  you also don't say who's track you are using? as i use kato uni-track all my #6 switches are power routing and their turntable, as i got tired waiting for bachmann's turntable to arrive some yrs back.what i mean by power routing is that the inbound track to the turntable would become live right up till you enter onto the table bridge ,then when you select what track you want, then use your direction button forward or back . you may also want to power your storage tracks ,but that will be you choice. trust this will help you in your setup of your table.
 regards&later KEWATIN
2  Discussion Boards / N / the use of RTV SILICONE to replace traction tires on locomotives on: November 26, 2017, 05:53:47 PM
 as there are no stock of traction tires on bachmanns parts page or kato for that matter ,relating to re tiring my 2-8-0- connies &other locos ,and not wanting to buy bull frog snot,as i would never in my present lifetime 77 yrs  and counting.would like to know have any of you tried using rtv silicone sealant. here is a web site 32 pages long depickting the various types with facts &figures that go along with each, much like officer obbies comments on alices resturaunt song. i am sure i seen a post some where on one of the forums where it was used to great satisfaction. i thought i would pll fellow modelers before trying ,but try i will. regards &many thanks for those offering help&suggestions.
 regards&later KEWATIN
3  Discussion Boards / N / Re: 2-10-2 Shell on Light 4-8-2 Mechanism? on: November 16, 2017, 10:40:30 PM
 a good comparison would be to check mark;s spookshow,good photos and stats. i did'nt know that bachmann did a revised new release of the LT,MTN in 2012 changes in motor from open sided to 3 pole closed. also the boiler assemblies have 2 screws ,where as the older version  you had to spread the cab sides apart and according to marks write up were difficult to move forward because of metal weight. i do not know what version you have early or late? it seems my heavy mtns of which i have 4 were mfg. in 2007 then i ask my self where has the time gone ,10 yrs i have had these and they still pull &run closing i am sure you have already looked at spookshows web site, and appears you will have challenge
to achieve your goal,then again some folks have more skills than others.
 regards&later KEWATIN
4  Discussion Boards / N / Re: 2-10-2 Shell on Light 4-8-2 Mechanism? on: November 16, 2017, 09:36:21 PM
 looking at the 2 locomotives ,from pilot step to end of cab ,they both are about the same length 9.5mm.,big drivers versus small drivers,valve gear mech lineup ,maybe would present some clearance problems. the person to ask would be SKIPGEAR aka tony hines. he has over the yrs made many a custom loco.i have not seen him lately but checking his posts he was last here sept20. /17  if any one would know tony would.the concept is an excellent idea but as heavy&light mtns are scarce or like me i would be hesitant to tear mine apart to try a fit.i know tony ,myself &others have pleaded for bachmann to do a rerun,but it seems to have fallen on death don't even find them on e-bay anymore.SKIPGEAR if you are out there please join in and give us your expertise.i shall continue to follow this thread as it holds some great promise of maybe becoming a reality for those brave enough to take the plunge.
 regards&later KEWATIN
5  Discussion Boards / N / Re: bachmann class j poor linkage on: November 15, 2017, 05:26:07 PM
rocket science, i don't think it was the older white boxed model .as i am into M.B KLEIN all the time and they don;t sell stock that old.they at present have no listings at all for the J. in aronx's favour,i did check BACHMANN'S parts stock ,and yes there are no power cylinder parts available. out of stock/ it does sound strange ,as he said he sent $90 along with his 2 locos for repair.perhaps he is a younger person & disposed his warranty card &sales receipt. bachmann's service has always sent back my loky saying it was bench run &ok. one thing i have noticed over the yrs is that the sleeve in the original packing that slides over the jewel case will interfear with the linkage if not carefull.this has happened to me on a few occasions with my heavy mts,and i have had to put the linkage back with considerable i just leave the sleeves most of us know in N SCALE  modelling ,because of its size one must be carefull.also i don't understand his reasoning about accepting another model or models of same value,rather than have original investment of 2 models plus $90 for repair services and still have 2 models that don't work i have had the service dept step up and replace a heavy mtn loco with a 2-10-2,because of no stock to fix. to use your cliche its not rocket science as to what i would do in his case.i guess in closing some folks have money to burn/ regards&later KEWATIN
6  Discussion Boards / N / Re: bachmann class j poor linkage on: November 13, 2017, 10:40:15 PM
aron, it sounds like you have had both these 2 models less than a didn't give a time frame?
if you look at BACHMANNS warranty ,it stated your locos would be covered for 1 year with proof of purchase. why did you send any money to begin with?give laura harris a call at customer service and she will make it right. would you settle for another type loco? as  there are no parts. i have had to accept another type in place of my original, but at least they have and do offer to please there customers. you have to be a little flexible in your wants. better to have 2 locos replaced with 2 alternate types that work,than 2 that don't. i along with others here on the forum have been very satisfied with
BACHMANNS service dept &warranty over the many yrs  of buying their products.give them a call explain the situation and be polite and i am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.
 regards&later  KEWATIN
7  Discussion Boards / HO / Re: Ground throws on: November 09, 2017, 05:28:07 PM
if you are looking for scale non working switch stands google minatures by eric and look under ho scale you will find part # s16 or s7 with a photo of each. bit pricey at $6.oo a wack ,but if its about scale knock yourself out.
hope this helps you out .gooday
regards&later KEWATIN
8  Discussion Boards / N / Re: Why not make various shells for same mechanism? on: October 30, 2017, 08:03:16 PM
 well,one good thing has already emerged,is the fact the administrator showed up and made a comment sarcastic or not,with a happy face. it shows that mfg's do listen.many of us on this forum are well aware of tooling costs etc,i myself being a retired moulded plastic toolmaker. thats why we are suggesting making alternative shells to fit your chassis.cost savings right would also bring the model to the marketplace much sooner. to say detailed shells from shapeways.
are not good quality have any of you modellers seen what SUPERTURBINE has built in the last few yrs  using many BACHMANN chassis in his work. you would drool for  hours. i think it would be to BACHMANNS credit to do a  a forum survey as buyers&supporters of their products to do one. i personally appreciate this forum that they make available and do buy their products ,so what would it hurt the ADMINISTRATOR to put up a starter thread&gauge the results. i think you would be pleasantly surprised at the response.
 regards&later KEWATIN
9  Discussion Boards / N / Re: Why not make various shells for same mechanism? on: October 29, 2017, 09:52:53 PM
 points are well taken piyer, but i will take the compromise issue any day,as i am not a rivet counter.all that means is we take our modelling skills of acceptance to the level one is comfortable with,after all its my railroad,so whom am i to critisize anyone else. here"s a good xample. there is a well know mfg right now selling conversion kits of the PRR raymond lowery
streamlined  pacific for a BACHMANN K4 PACIFIC chassis and they are selling very well.also  checking back thru older forums  i see that this was the second poll that kato has done. as a strong supporter of bachmann for giving us more steam than most mfg's i would think it be in their best interest to poll members to see what is most wanted?  they can do it in  n scale or  ho as what they do in ho generally ends up ,being produced in n scale.also i along with others would like to see more vandy tenders about it bachmann get those dies out from the mountain or northern locos and run them again? i hope more people put forth their input on this thread,maybe some good will come from it.
 regards&later KEWATIN
10  Discussion Boards / N / Re: Why not make various shells for same mechanism? on: October 29, 2017, 06:17:25 PM
 maletrain ,i am on the same page as you &many others here on the forum. in fact i posted much the same as you on july12/2013, again on mar02/14 and again on aug15/2015. from a mfg sense it would seem like the proper path to bring to  fruition more new models at the least expense. i would like to see BACHMANN run a survey on this forum as to what the model rail community would like to see  for a new steam product release,much the same as kato did ,which i also posted on this forum some time back.bachmann"s northern is just begging for a new release with dcc &sound . so many roads used these ,and the last of them were still operating in canada well into 1962.they were the work horse of the CNR, GTW,CV hauling both freight and passenger be fore falling to diesels.again, like you said the pacific could yeild so many models, streamlined & un shrouded etc.etc. lets see if some more folks respond and if so maybe the administrator  will give it some thought with the powers to be and post a survey.
regards&later KEWATIN
11  Discussion Boards / N / Re: Re-connection of tender to 0-6-0 on: October 16, 2017, 11:29:14 AM
 kirke, you could help by identifying the parts u  need ,by going to home page and click on order parts,then click on N scale box and photos of locos come up,click on 0-6-0 and follow the photos of parts that you can match up with what you need
and maybe someone on the forum might have what you need in their scrap box.i do see they are out of stock ,but at least you can see what is damaged and what is not. i too am an old timer at 77 and my vision at times gets me frustrated but i have gained so much out of this hobby  & the sharing &willingness of fellow board members to help one another is why i
play with trains. i wish you well in fixing your loco.
 regards&later KEWATIN
12  Discussion Boards / N / Re: N Scale Alco FA-2 on: September 15, 2017, 11:02:55 AM
 i agree with BROKEMOTO that their is indee a need for this loco,right now its on a heavy discussion over at the railwire forum.ending with bachmann might surprise us with one? it certainly would be a lot cheaper to tool than a steam project especialy when they have done it in ho gauge. the only other folks that appear to be making a stab at this ,is prairie shadows out in manitoba, that comes to fruition is anyones guess.not only that its of an ALCO FA2.come MR BACHMAN give it a second look as this has the legs to be a good seller,needs to be dcc equipped and with sound.
 regards&later KEWATIN
13  Discussion Boards / N / Re: available ,unlettered &painted models on: July 27, 2017, 10:18:54 AM
well MARK, YOU certainly lifted my spirits, 90%  alcohol to remove lettering etc. a little humor here/ does this mean in an emergency i can use my 90 proof white rum,&vodka  to doe this job..and here i have been using an eraser. my gosh at 77 i am still learning and having a smile every day.who said model railroading isn't fun. mark thanks for your support on the mfg regarding  offering unlettered locos ,as i see some are releasing available &unlettered. but not many.
 regards&later KEWATIN
14  Discussion Boards / HO / Re: 2-8-4 Berkshire ok over Hornby points? on: July 27, 2017, 10:09:03 AM
sir why not try the UK HORNBY forum, of which there are several, you will probably get a better reply to your question. as i model in n scale my berks have never had a an issue ,as i use kato #6 switches.definately had problems with the old layout ,using #4 s in the yards. hope you get the answer to your questions and have a good day.
 regards&later kewatin

15  Discussion Boards / N / available ,unlettered &painted models on: July 13, 2017, 11:51:01 AM
 I see on BACHMANN'S homepage that they are listing the 4-6-0 item #51451 as available  unlettered&painted. does this mean that bachmann is considering on offering this option again? there was a post some yrs back that this option fell out of favor ,as product would sit longer on retailers  shelves longer etc. most of my bachmann dcc models were ordered unlettered unless i could buy them in cnr or cp lettering,that way i could apply my own decals. is this a testing of the waters or is it a one off available item. i  along with many other modellers would like to see if this option would be offered again.
 regards&later KEWATIN
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