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July 16, 2018, 01:46:49 PM
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16  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Rumor has it there's a new 2-6-0? on: March 19, 2018, 02:09:38 PM
I use as an example of the LGB version...  They have sold bajillions of them in a bunch of different variants.  Bachmann could make sets to sell them at the gift shop to all those cruise passengers...  As for one paint scheme road using them, I reply with "So?".  Far be it from Bachmann to slap a non prototype paint scheme onto one of these.  Plausible, Durango and Silverton, Cumbres and Toltec, SP and D&RGW.  A little far fetched, EBT or Tweetsie.  If it was designed with a fairly easy conversion to On3 possible, I think it could really do well.  I know it won't happen, I am fine with that.  I just think that it could really rock the market.  They have made some really random stuff over the years.
Two issues with that:
1. LGB sells a bajillion of just about everything, world-wide. Bachmann's On30 has nowhere near that kind of customer base.
2. WP&Y doesn't sell everything offered to them. I've talked some vendors of RR stuff that thought they'd market their stuff through the Skagway gift shop, and even got tooling underway, then got a big, "Nah, we're not interested," in response. It happens more than you'd think for items that people like us would assume would sell.
17  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: 2018 On30 Annual available for pre-order on: March 12, 2018, 01:07:48 PM
I noticed a $5.oo increase in regular price from last year's $19.95.
I think White River's production costs went up from when Carstens was publishing these, but I didn't ask the editor about that (I intend to write an article every issue if he'll let me, so I won't have to buy one...  Cheesy )
18  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: 2018 On30 Annual available for pre-order on: March 01, 2018, 07:19:18 PM
I think this will be good one (even though I have an article in it again tis year, a conversion article on taking a beat-up Bachmann 2-6-0 tender and turning it into an auxiliary water car). The editor suggested to me that it'll be out around the same time last year.
19  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Rumor has it there's a new 2-6-0? on: February 28, 2018, 07:25:05 PM
[He said the market wouldn't support it.  I disagree...
I don't. A WP&Y diesel is a very specific piece of rolling stock, and very large (in a On30 market where many want stuff as short as possible).
Hey, I've ridden the WP&Y twice and would love to have a On30 version of one of their locomotives (though it'd never fit in the theme of my WW2-era ET&WNC layout), but I agree with the Bachmann person who told you it wouldn't sell.
"Hey, wouldn't it be cool if they made..." usually translates to, "I want one, so shouldn't a bunch of other people?"
No, there are so many other things that'd sell better than a WP&Y diesel would in On30 (or any other scale, for that matter).
20  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Rotary snow plow that Bachmann should make and sell for about $100. on: February 22, 2018, 02:10:56 PM
Okay, the rotary is at about 9:43 here:
Self-propelled rotaries were very uncommon, especially in the US. I seriously doubt there'd be a market for something like that in On30, as who models anywhere with snow?
Frankly, I'd rather Bachman stay with the more realistic and plausible models and not go off the deep end with stuff like this.
21  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: New 0-6-0 in 2018 catalogue on: February 22, 2018, 02:06:44 PM
Yeah, I have no need for a 0-6-0 but I like that they made one as I think there's a good market for something like that.
Let's face it, a lot of On30 modelers are all about the smallest stuff they can run over the tightest curves. That's most of what I hear when talking to other On30 modelers; they want shorty stuff. When others see the 24"+ curves and 4-6-0s on my own layout, many of them are shocked that I'm not pushing the envelope of as tight of curves and the shortest rolling stock possible.
Bachmann, I think, flooded the market with On30 for a while. You could find most cars for $20 or less online, but not anymore. I think the market has flattened to a degree and now that Bachmann is making conservative advances in On30, this makes sense to me.
22  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: My Mogul backdate saga continues on: February 07, 2018, 06:11:25 PM
Apparently like all of Bachmann's steam engines, all the wiring (and thankfully, some extra length of electrical pickup) goes through the tender. A pain, yes, if you're wanting to ditch the tender for a conversion (would you even have room for sound in such a case?), but I've noticed that the overall length of the pickup really helps for dead spots of dirty track. My ten-wheelers never flicker or sputter in sound when I'm going around my layout. The only time there's a gap in lights or sound is when they break the 180-degree arc on my turntable, which I can live with. Heck, I don't even need to wire the frogs on the turnouts, for the length of pickup you get with one of those.
23  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Rumor has it there's a new 2-6-0? on: February 05, 2018, 05:21:46 PM
Sure would be nice if Bachmann released a WP&Y diesel to go with those cars.
That'd be new tooling, for a prototype that hardly anyone else ever had.
Now, they could easily get an authentic WP&Y locomotive out there tomorrow if they wanted, by re-lettering one of their 4-6-0s as a WP&Y locomotive, either #10 or 14. Both came up from the ET&WNC in 1943 and worked one winter there, before being shipped back to the NP shops in Tacoma for a complete rebuild. Both were heavily damaged in a roundhouse fire at the end of the war, though.
24  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Rumor has it there's a new 2-6-0? on: February 01, 2018, 07:58:53 PM
I must admit, it does look like a slightly modified 2-6-0 they already had with the 4-4-0s tender...
Still, anything in On30 shows that Bachmann hasn't given up on the gauge like so many people say they have.
25  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Whitcomb sound on: December 08, 2017, 11:45:38 AM
I tried all kinds of things and the sound didn't change on mine, either.
That, and the muffled quality of the sound due to the heavy and thick body on the Whitcomb, makes for so-so sound (especially compared to my ten-wheelers, which sound great).
26  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Okay, FOUR 4-6-0s marked for the ET&WNC but no cars? on: November 08, 2017, 07:41:04 PM
Maybe I didn't explain myself. I'm very familiar with Deerfield laser, as photos of my own build of their 505 caboose kit is on their own website... My own layout is in the 2017 On30 Annual, so yeah, I saw that article.
I meant Bachmann stock stuff in ET&WNC markings. Why not, especially when they have 4 different 4-6-0s available in ET&WNC markings?
Heck, I'd probably buy some rolling stock if they offered it in ET&WNC markings, even though I have all the rolling stock I need.
27  Discussion Boards / On30 / Okay, FOUR 4-6-0s marked for the ET&WNC but no cars? on: November 07, 2017, 03:15:09 PM
I can't recall if I brought this up or not here already, but I had an op session on my layout and someone asked why Bachmann doesn't make any ET&WNC-lettered cars?
There are four ET&WNC lettered ten-wheelers (11 in black, 12 in green/gold and black, and 14 is green-gold) but not a single car lettered for the same railroad?  Huh?
Some of the cars aren't translatable to the ET&WNC but some would make good representational cars (for example, the real ET&WNC boxcars were almost 40 feet long). The tank cars, for example, are very close to the ones used to haul gasoline.
I had to buy a lot of decals for my layout, and it would have been great to have had a few RTR cars marked for my favorite RR, especially as so many locos are available with that road name!
28  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: on30 shay on: September 15, 2017, 05:44:36 PM
I get the impression that the bottom has dropped out of the 0n30 market.
I kind of wonder that, as well.
I've talked to a couple of Bachmann company reps at train shows in the past couple of years and they deny any questions on Bachmann backing out of On30 or seriously downgrading their involvement, yet loco and rolling stock types keep vanishing from shelves and retailer listings.
Heck, I can't even find any high-gons to experiment with for a project I'm pondering, and I used to find them all the time.
29  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: increasing rolling resistance for bachmann trucks on: June 29, 2017, 12:41:26 PM
I don't think I'd increase resistance within the moving parts to simulate a heavier car. Instead, I'd just add more weight to the car itself, especially as Bachmann On30 cars tend to be pretty light.
Don't forget, even with a fully loaded car, once you get it rolling on level track, a car can actually be pushed by a few people or a forklift.
30  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: On30 Ties on: June 07, 2017, 06:59:18 PM
Micro Engineering track is great looking but it's pretty fragile. I had two turnouts snap on me when putting the blue points in to control them. Real nightmare having to de-solder and replace them.
If I had to do it over, I might have used Peco track.
I had to use two mainline curved turnouts and went with Shinohara as nobody makes curved On30 ones. I didn't do anything to hide the HO ties, so those two spots look a little 'off' where they are...
But either way, better to use purpose-made On30 than spend a lot of time trying to convert HO stuff...
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