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January 17, 2018, 02:23:30 PM
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1  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Chassis for Bachmann 31499 on: November 13, 2017, 10:24:21 AM

2  Discussion Boards / Large / Chassis for Bachmann 31499 on: November 12, 2017, 11:35:10 PM
I have an older Bachmann  Plus D&RG 4-6-0 in need of a new chassis.

What current chassis would be the best fit?

How much work would it be to install the latest Chassis in this older model?


Is there one with metal gears and the improved pilot that would fit?


3  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: C-19 Decoder on: October 21, 2017, 07:29:37 PM
Minor correction to Kevins email

Zimo does indeed sell a DCC decoder that plugs directly into the the Bachmann socket and also had a C19 sound file.


I am not sure what you desire.   Since you are running DC track power  you have no need for a decoder that plugs in the socket.

Are you instead asking for a sound board for your C19 that is designed for DC operation and just plugs in?

I do not believe one exists in part because the socket also interfaces to the motor and lights.  If a sound board is what you desire I believe your best bet is to use a sound board with wires that solder to the the C19 main board such as the one designed by Phoenix.

You can use the Zimo DCC decoder as it runs on DC but you would have to have it programmed for you and it is likely overkill for DC operation.

4  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Spectrum DCC Ready? on: January 17, 2017, 07:07:52 PM

That is clearly NOT a stock sound system and was not produced by Bachmann.  The 4-4-0 also did not come from the factory with a speaker.  The tender of your locomotive currently has a 1W speaker installed which is on the small size but should work OK as long as you do always run at full volume.

 I think Steve is correct it is a Phoenix board and not a Sierra board as I first thought.  You can download the manual from the phoenix site.

The battery is to allow sounds at low DC track voltages.  Above 6 volts the battery is charged.  Due to its age I suspect that the existing battery may not be functional.

Hope that Helps


5  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Spectrum DCC Ready? on: January 17, 2017, 11:21:39 AM
Its really not all that expensive or complicated.  The 4-4-0 is not very difficult to install a decoder in should you go that route.

From your message it would appear that you may already have a sound system in your tender which is clearly not stock.

I would recommend opening up your tender and figuring out exactly what is in there.  A photo would help.

If it is a phoenix sound system you can change the volume while running using DCC (Digital Command Control) function keys.

Hope that helps.


6  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: New Spectrum Mogul 2-6-0 plug and play pcb on: November 23, 2016, 08:54:05 AM
The new Convertr-25 or 60 should open this up to most any decoder.  This means that the Zimo plug in decoder is now a simple option for RC control.  Also means that any decoder and Phoenix sound is also an option.

For an easy conversion plug in a DCC decoder in the socket and connect the Convertr output to the Battery input in the main circuit board in the tender.


7  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Speakers ( C-19) on: October 31, 2016, 07:40:45 AM
The stock speaker in the C-19 is 1W.  By contrast the speaker in the new 2-6-0 is 2W.

While I have yet to have a failure in my C-19 1W speakers, I have replaced most with speakers from Phoenix which I believe are 2W.

Most sound systems desire 8 ohm speakers.

Hope that helps.

8  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: What would you recommend for sound on: October 24, 2016, 12:48:30 PM
There are several RC and DCC plug an play boards that can be plugged directly into the socket.  For example the Zimo plug and play decoder.

You can also use the adaptor board in the parts bag to connect with many other DCC and RC units.  For example the Soundtraxx decoder

When adding sound for DC operation it is easiest to connect the sound board to the solder pads on the main board in the tender.  You can also solder the wires to the pads on the DC dummy plug.

The manual contains a description of each  pin on the connector.

Hope that helps.

9  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: New 3 Truck Shay-Where is the Decoder? on: July 15, 2016, 05:59:44 PM
Trying to set address etc on new 3 truck shay. Pull top of rear tender and there is no decoder. By everything I have seen the decoder is suppose to be the the big rear tender. Only a speaker and 2 big weights.

What gives, where is the decoder and how came this is not according to publish information???

If the 3 truck shay is factory decoder equipped it will be in the small coal bin behind the cab

10  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Upcoming 2-6-0s on: July 07, 2016, 10:49:55 PM
Will the updated 2-6-0 rely on the same two pins projecting down from the frame to keep the center drivers on the track and above the railhead so they do not drop below on sharper radii....or has another method been found.  I have the earlier model and on some LGB switches (the larger ones of course  16000)  the center wheels of the Mogul drop below the rail head....and the pins, if left in place, catch on the frog of the switch.   And count me among those that would enjoy a modernize version of this engine.   Thanks.

The new 2-6-0 has a lot of new features and is basically a new locomotive.  The center driver uses the same approach as the C-19

The center driver is fully sprung.  In order to get around tight radius curves, there is a spacer on the bottom cover plate that lifts the driver so that it is just touching the rail.  The locomotive will actually go around R1 curves but since the center driver still touches the rail it will short going over R1 turnouts if the rail is powered as the center driver will touch the powered diverging rail on the turnout.

For larger curves  >5 ft radius, the spacer can be removed from the center driver which adds a little more traction as the spring on the center driver is now functional.

Hope that helps

11  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: C-19 Chuff sensor on: June 05, 2016, 08:36:47 PM
Thank you, seems like the stock sensor works just fine. Odd that my 346 doesn't have a tender backup light but other 346's do. Hmmmm

That's because I added one to ours.  The reason is that at the end of some of our runs there is no ability to turn a locomotive.  The rear headlight makes it legal to run in reverse. 

Our #345 is now #347 and  sports a road pilot.  We find it fun at times to customize our locomotives.

12  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: C-19 Chuff sensor on: June 05, 2016, 12:39:39 PM
The URL linked below is of a C-19 taken by an operator on our railway earlier this year with a Phoenix PB11 using the standard chuff sensor.

There are also several C-19s in the below linked video

13  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Climax Large G smoke unit under DCC to control ? How to switch on/off by "F"-key on: May 09, 2016, 05:38:38 PM
Kevin, Looks like you wantend to add. more in your reply ?
F0 = all function light light, flicker etc. on
F1 - F8:  sound activities
Details are documented under soundtraxx


Please try the suggestion I provided above.  You should be able to control the smoke via F0.

Once confirmed that it works that way you can go to the CVs and remap which function does what.

But first you need to confirm it works.


14  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Climax Large G smoke unit under DCC to control ? How to switch on/off by "F"-key on: May 08, 2016, 08:43:50 AM
It has been a very long time since I played with the CVs on the Climax so I am going from memory.

At the time the Climax was developed I beliieve it was the desire that all functions could be controlled by the EZ Command which means that all functions had to fit into F0-F8. 

All the locomotive functions were therefore put into F0 and the sound in the other functions.

The decoder actually supports many more functions both sound and lighting.

If you look at the detail Soundtraxx manual you can use the higher end functions and reassign the functions to whatever function Key is desired.

The decoder also supports 4 physical punctions (Lighting and smoke) but I believe these are all assigned at the factory to be F0.

Looking at the manual the physical switch behind the smokebox controls the smoke

Always on (on)
Always off (off)
Controlled by the device in the socket (DCC)

First turn the smole to on to be sure that the smoke unit is actually working.

Then turn it to DCC.  I bet it will turn on and off using F0.

I so suspect that you can reassign the physical functions so that the smoke and lightng are seperate.  However the firebox lighting and the smoke may be on the same physical output in the decoder even though they are on two seperate pins on the socket.

Hope that helps


15  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Won't link to run on: April 17, 2016, 07:47:02 AM
Try the following

1) put the locomotive on rollers and make sure the connections between the tender and locomotive are tight.

2) make sure the battery is connected to the 18 volt battery input and not the 6 volt input

3) Switch the battery switch to track

4) Put the DC dummy board in the socket

5) Switch the battery switch to battery, the locomotive should take off at full speed.

If the locomotive runs in this mode and not when the revolution is plugged in then it is a problem with the revolution.  If it does not run in this mode it is a problem with the locomotive

Hope that helps

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