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1  Discussion Boards / Plasticville U.S.A. / MAJOR issues with HO scale plasticville RED BARN KIT ! on: March 13, 2013, 10:28:41 PM
We line the pieces up like they are supposed to go  and they do NOT snap into place OR even stay in place .  We were wanting to know if we are doing something wrong OR is this a mfr defect perhaps ?

2  Discussion Boards / HO / Re: ANYONE'S Advice is needed ASAP !! on: February 11, 2013, 02:13:51 AM
thanks !!! I will probably have to buy this ONLINE since i do not have a hobby shop close to home 

I also have heard that alcohol is another idea ?
3  Discussion Boards / HO / ANYONE'S Advice is needed ASAP !! on: February 11, 2013, 12:21:40 AM
I took out my steel rail bachmann EZ track from the attic that has been stored in a storage tote for YEARS ..  The track was DULL  ( black roadbed EZ TRACK )  and i made my layout anyway .  I had NEW track oval  with my new thoroughbred set .. and i used it too .. BUT  the  OLD track  didnt work !!!  Is there something that i could do to this track to make it come back  " ALIVE " again perhaps ? Or would i need to buy a NEW  track expander pack Huh??
4  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Show us your layout on: February 09, 2013, 12:52:36 AM
Cool thread! OK.. you asked for it..  Grin

Actually, I don't have all that much to show off, but I will show off some progress pictures of where my layout concept came from, it's progress, and current pictures today. The main thing is that this layout is still in the early stages.

BACKSTORY: I'm 40, with a 5yr old son. When I decided to build the layout I have in progress he was just turning 4 and I decided to buy him his first electric HO set - a Bachmann Thomas/Annie/Clarabel set. Then I saw the "exhibition" 4x8 Sodor Island layout that Bachmann built and it was on from there... and so it began.

This first image is a picture of the Bachmann Sodor Island, in case some may not have seen it. A three level, DC operated 5 independent track operated layout. It was my inspiration:

..and this is where it began:

...that's a little better

...much progress.. I decided to only go 2 levels and not 3.. also decided NOT to go with a harbor at the business end to help cut back on expenses: forward to many months later and a move to Florida. Some progress on the layout, but something is bugging me. There is a LOT of unused space in the middle of the lower level. I thought long and hard about what I could do. After some fiddling around.. it converted NICELY into a tunnel, which I will actually use as a "shop" area once all is said and done.. complete with sound FX and welding lighting FX.. ONE DAY:

..and finally just a few from how it sits now. Obviously there is a lot more on the layout than just "Thomas" stuff.. but I don't care, and neither does my son. We love trains and running them. The Berkshire in the first picture here is sound equipped with a Tsunami TSU-1000 and the outter circle of track on the lower level is now DCC equipped. The full lower level will be once I get more DCC locomotives. I also now have a Bachmann 2-8-0 Connie(DCC) - AND - I put a DCC decoder in my Spencer engine.  Grin

SORRY - got carried away.. don't really ever get anyone to show the layout to.. and the wife isn't overly impressed!  Tongue

Seeing your son smiling at the camera in the second photo  with his layout put a smile on my face !!! Nothing like seeing little boys enjoying their trains  =)   I remember when i was his age  ( im 29 now and single , still living at home )  i used to have a Union Pacific GP38 layout .. In fact , still own it to this day .  But as old as that engine and stuff is and as long as it has been in the attic .  I just decided to buy me a NEW  Bachmann  Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred set !  It only has 2 cars and a caboose with the engine ... But that'll do  " for now "  haha !!!!   But he looks really excited and happy to be able to have his layout  , and you know what ? Thats the BEST part about it !  I want you to enjoy your valuable time with your son and his layout =)
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