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February 24, 2018, 11:21:01 PM
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 on: February 22, 2018, 11:01:30 AM 
Started by wiley209 - Last post by jward
A couple of comments here:

First regarding the water colour. Model Railroader likes to paint the centers pf their bodies of water black. To me this is unrealistic. I live within spitting distance of several large rivers, and most of the time these are either a murky green as Len has described, or a muddy brown. I would experiment with the colour starting with an olive green shade and add various combinations of greens and lighter browns until you find something that looks right.

With regards to the backing to uncouple, this is entirely prototypical. Having worked in both the railroad and trucking industries, i can tell you that you can't release the couplings if they are under tension. With railroad couplers, you need to put some slack in the couplings, but not too much or theknuckles won't swing open when you pull the cut lever.

Kadee really hit on something all those years ago when they first made the magnetic knuckle coupler. Not only do they look like the real thing, they operate the same. They became the modeller's choice, and when the patents expired others were quick to offer their own versions as well. Better yet, manufacturers started using thses designs as their defaault coupler. To me, that, and the upgrading of the drives in the locomotives, are the two biggest advances in model railroading in recent times.

 on: February 22, 2018, 10:50:47 AM 
Started by jord - Last post by jord
Thanks as a clarification the set is a big hauler. Chattanooga Big Hauler

 on: February 22, 2018, 09:35:11 AM 
Started by jord - Last post by Joe Zullo
You will need the 31mm Big Hauler wheels. The 36mm wheels are for Spectrum cars.

 on: February 22, 2018, 04:57:30 AM 
Started by daveb - Last post by daveb
The 2018 catalog no longer has a download option. Is this an error or deliberate.


 on: February 22, 2018, 04:19:02 AM 
Started by Trainboy100 - Last post by Chaz
While there was a lot of demand for Daisy, I really appreciate how you went out of your way and explained in-depth reasons with why Daisy should be made.

While I was a little cynical about her getting announced, (and to some extent I still am), I'm not going to deny that out of all the possible candidates for a standard gauge engine in HO, Daisy is the best candidate.  I feel that especially now with all the recent negative news from Bachmann, Daisy getting announced would really restore the faith that fans need in the HO range.  Regardless of tooling or price risk that would go into the model, the sales for Daisy would be over the roof because she's a nostalgic character.  Duck and Oliver are a prime example of this as they are still best-selling models even to this day.

While Rosie, Grumpy Diesel, and possibly Paxton (at least based on how he looks so far), are not going to really help boost Bachmann's sales anytime soon I feel like Daisy would meet and exceed all expectations from both fans as well as Bachmann themselves.

 on: February 22, 2018, 04:00:44 AM 
Started by Titanic5972 - Last post by Rickenbacker 325
It has been a while since I have gotten anything train related, so I wanted to go to a train show. Sadly, I was out of town the date of the show, but my friend went for me on the lookout for some cool stuff. I got a text with this picture and nearly fell out of my seat.

Thats right, a mint Flatcar with Paint Drums for $18. I have seen this car go for $500 on eBay used... I was also interested in the Cattle Car even though I already had 3 of them. That was also $18.

I took the flatcar out of the box to go with the other one I have and I must say that Edward looks great with them!

 on: February 22, 2018, 03:24:56 AM 
Started by rdailey1202 - Last post by Kevin Strong
The Bachmann DCC decoder that came with the Shay is a motor/sound decoder. It was manufactured by Soundtraxx specifically for the Bachmann Shay. It's based on the "Tsunami" sound system that Soundtraxx made, and you'll sometimes hear of the Shay's decoder referred to as the "Quasi-nami." It was a good (for its time) DCC decoder, though it could not handle track voltages north of 21 volts. Large scale DCC users tend to use track voltages between 20 - 24 volts, so the stock board was frequently removed and replaced by other boards. If you're running this decoder in a wireless environment, then you should be fine. The Shay runs quite well on 14.8 volts, so you'll be nowhere near pushing the decoder into over-voltage fault.

Here's a link to the list of CVs for the Shay decoder, from Soundtraxx's web site.



 on: February 22, 2018, 03:22:19 AM 
Started by wiley209 - Last post by Len
The 'backing up to uncouple' is part and parcel of how magnetic couplers work. An explanation of how it works, and what it lets you do in the way of 'spotting' cars past the magnets, can be found on the Kadee web site here:


 on: February 22, 2018, 01:35:27 AM 
Started by Trainboy100 - Last post by TerencetheTractor525
Considering that Chaz already posted his scrupulous thoughts on the narrow gauge brake vans, I thought that now would be a good time for me to share my thoughts on the locomotive that I think that should enter the HO range next: Daisy the Diesel Railcar.

So, why should Daisy be introduced to the HO range? For starters, the demand for her is remarkable. Nearly every single Bachmann Thomas collector has stated that they would like to see Daisy in the range, not only through the Bachmann Forum, but through other branches of social media as well.

The next reason has to do with Daisy's role in the television series. To begin, when it was stated that Daisy would be returning in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, fans were ecstatic simply because Daisy is an unforgettable classic character due to her sassy personality and significant role of working on the Ffarquhar Branch Line along with Thomas, Percy, and Toby. Daisy is also the only locomotive that Bachmann has not made who's name is present in the Original Thomas Anthem (as shown here:

But more importantly, fans both old and young are familiar with Daisy today as she has played large roles in some of the most recent episodes such as "Springtime for Diesel" and "A Most Singular Engine". These episodes even consisted of Daisy and Diesel as the main characters. As a result, with the newly announced Grumpy Diesel, fans would be able to recreate the interactions between Daisy and Diesel that took place throughout the episodes if Daisy were to get announced.

However, the number one reason as to why I think Daisy should enter the HO range is that there is currently no locomotive in the range that is like her. To elaborate, Daisy would be the first long bogied diesel in the range. What's more, her tooling would certainly not cost as much as a steam engine such as Ryan or Hiro since her overall shape is a rectangular box more or less, and the model would barely consist of any metal. Additionally, seeing that Grumpy Diesel is already listed on the Bachmann website, the announcement of Daisy for 2019 seems very feasible.

Overall, 2019 would definitely be the best time to announce Daisy due to her popularity and current presence in the Thomas television series. Now, what do you guys think? Would you buy an HO Daisy? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

 on: February 21, 2018, 10:47:51 PM 
Started by fred lundgren - Last post by Terry Toenges
I love the animation.

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