Full Review Bachmann Mogul Alco 2-6-0 Sound Value Loco

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As I promised a few weeks ago last night I finished my evaluation of this Steamer.
Bottom line I am impressed for about $100 this truly is a sound value.

The SoundTraxx decoder is far superior in terms of out of the box running characteristics then the non-sound Bachmann Standard Line decoder.  It has good low speed operation and unlike the DCC on Board locos it actually has momentum on stopping that requires careful planning of stops (I know I ran into the back of a stopped train on my mainline de-railing a caboose).
The sound is great however I was informed by my cousin that the chuff rate was off.  I guess he is a bit of a rivet counter.  I doubt the casual watcher would notice.  Also I like that F8 Mutes the sound, great for late night op sessions.

As with most Bachmann Steamers the tender is a bit light and it is hard to add weight in small tender.  This could cause derailments when backing up.
Speaking of which this loco is a little more fussy in terms of picking the points at turnouts.  However a little filing on the turnout in question cured that problem.

I ran a pulling test on the loco it pulled 7 NMRA weighted cars before it started straining on the eighth.  This was on zero grade probably would pull less on a slope but as my tracks are flat so this was not tested.

All and all a great loco hope to see more of the Sound Value line on my layout in the future.

electrical whiz kid:
HI, Joe;
Seven cars sounds like a decent train for the purposes this locomotive was intended for.  I have several, and  haven't pulled them out of the box yet.  I have a feeling that part of the tender problem will be cured by using the Tomar pickups.  Weight will always be a bugaboo.  My traditional cure is to put an appropriate amount of birdshot in a non-lubed condom and just put it comfortably in the tender innards.  This accomplishes two things: the weight, and, if left relatively unconstrained, it will tend to take up any vibration due to poor track, etc.
Rich C.

Pacific Northern:
It was very easy to mount some weight in the tender. I mounted mine directly onto the bottom of the coal load with a stickly glue. Until I added the weight the tender was derailing on a regular basis, now it rides the rails perfectly. no more derailmenets.

I found it easily to add a one quarter ounce weight to the front of both my 2-6-0 tenders.  I used a self adhesive weight, manufacturer unknown, that are glued vertically on the front of the tender frame right behind the coal doors of the plastic body. The tender body slips comfortably over the weight.

I add weight to the front of all Bachmann steam, in fact to all steam, as the wiring harness on almost steam locos have a tendency to lift the front of the tender, thus making it easier for the front truck to derail.

The only exception to this rule is the excellent combined coupler and wiring plugs found on the original Life-Like Proto 2000 0-6-0 and 0-8-0 engines.

Too bad that tender to loco coupler couldn't become an industry standard.

I was able to pull 11 freight cars and 1 caboose around the club layout no problem.....but I was concerned the decoder might overheat so I limit it to 8 cars and a caboose now.


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