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I am trying to find out about the "Flying Scott" "HO scale" [orange in color]. I have the working engine, coal car, a 9" passenger car and 3 -10" passenger cars to the set. I do not have the Original Box/s it came in.
I would like to know if possible the value of this train? If you could let me know an approx. value it would help. I appreciate any help in this matter. It is in beautiful condition.
Please help if you can.
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Check ebay for similar items.

It is only as valuable as someone else is will to pay for it.

If you are asking for insurance purposes, look at ad magazines for selling prices, or older Walthers or Bachmann catalogue for MSRP.

I believe that the New Haven had the "Coronation Scot" on the property at one time.   The pics I have seen were of a right handsome engine!!


Hamish K:
The Flying Scotsman was the the name of both a locomotive and a train.  At one time the train might be  hauled by the Flying Scotsman locomotive although later a different class of loco took over this duty.

The Flying Scotsman locomotive (after retirement) was in the US for a few years from 1969 to about 1973 as a result of a proposed tour folding for financial  reasons.

The Coronation Scot was a different train  run by a rival company. It was painted blue and silver and haued by streamlined "Duchess" class pacifics. In 1939 an american tour was made by this train. The loco was 6229 "Duchess of Hamiton" however for the tour it was renumbered 6220 and named "Coronation".

There was also the "Royal Scot', also the name of a locomotive and a train.  The "Royal Scot" locomotive also made an american tour.

All these trains have been modelled by British companies many times, including by Bachmann.

Quite some years ago Bachmann released some sets on the American market called Fying Scot (or Scotsman? I am not sure) and Royal Scot. These sets were in non-authentic liveries (the real Flying Scotsman was never orange!) and in the case of the "Flying Scot: did not, I think, have the right class of loco.  You may have one of these. As Nigel says the value is what someone will pay for it and sometimes collectors pay surprising amounts for items others consider of little value. That said  I would not expect the old Bachmann sets to be worth much as more accurate sets of these famous British trains have been made, including by Bachmann in the UK.


Woody Elmore:
Hamish - recently a local cable station ran the old Sherlock Holmes series that were done with Basil Rathbone. Conan Doyle fans wince at the silly plots. However there is some really great stock railway footage. One of the films (Don't remember which offhand) showed a Duchess class engine pulling a train out of a station. They were really nicely designed engines.

My favorite British engine is still the LMS "Black Five!"

I agree about the value of the old trains - they are worth what someone will pay for them.


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