Get into the WW1 Action

Get the 2-6-2T Class 10 Trench Engine

Quickly created narrow gauge railroads played a crucial role in bringing food, ammunition, and construction material to entrenched troops and carrying away injured soldiers from the Western Front in World War I. The Class 10 Trench 2-6-2T was one of the engines that saw service with the U.S. Army in France. When the war ended, the victorious U.S. troops turned over all the railways and equipment to the French, who adapted them to agricultural use. Bachmann’s DCC WOWSound®-equipped model is the first ever to feature Chuffinity™  technology. Featuring a ten-fold increase in the number of chuff sounds over previous WOWSteam offerings, Chuffinity™ creates amazingly diverse and realistic sounds. Coupled with intelligent load and grade sensing, chuffs will vary in character, volume, and intensity in prototypical fashion. Chuffinity™ is just part of this Trench engine-specific WOWSound® steam locomotive sound package that also features depot background and battleground sounds. Bachmann’s DCC sound-equipped Trench engine will put you in the middle of all the action of the Great War!

Shipping now! • MSRP $459.00 each

Item No. 29501 - USA #5001 (builder's photo version) 
Item No. 29502 - USA #5091 
Item No. 29503 - USA #5153
Item No. 29504 - Quartermaster Corps #1
Item No. 29505 - Painted, Unlettered (black)

Posted on 2020-01-21 15:35:19

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