New Boxcars with FRED - Available Now!

What is a FRED? 

This Outside Braced Box Car comes equipped with a track-powered flashing red LED light (also known as a Flashing Rear End Device or FRED). Just attach the car to the end of your HO train for a modern finishing touch. Operates on both DC and DCC layouts. It also features an operating door, metal wheels, and E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers. Bachmann also offers a separate End of Train Device that you can use to replace the rear truck/coupler on a variety of rolling stock. (See for a list of compatible equipment.)

Shipping Now! • MSRP $58.00

Item No. 14906 - NS
Item No. 14907 - Conrail

Posted on 2020-09-02 09:57:51

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