Celebrate Oktoberfest Responsibly

Excitement is brewing as the air starts to get a chill and the thrill of Oktoberfest sets in once again. Celebrate responsibly with our Williams™ by Bachmann® line's trio of brewery-themed Reefer Cars.

Features include:
• navigates O-27 curves
• car length 10", height 3.5"
• durable ABS plastic shell
• die-cast trucks
• metal wheels
• operating couplers
• prototypical graphics
• metal floor and brake wheel

Shipping now! MSRP $76.95 each

Item No. 47463 - Berkshire Brewing Company
Item No. 47464 - Amherst Brewing Company
Item No. 47465 - Kennebec Brewing Company

Posted on 2020-10-06 10:47:52

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