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Title: Procedures
Post by: James Thomas on February 05, 2007, 02:03:17 PM
I am a loyal Bachmann fan, in both Large Scale and On30.  However, I am getting discouraged with the "Procedures" required to repair new products.
There's the Railtruck procedure, the 2-8-0 procedure, the 3 Truck Shay procedure, the Fn3 Boxcar procedure, the sound Forney without enough chuffs per revolution ....

Seems like we have become Bachmann's final assembly station and or quality control department.

My expertise is in structure building.  I am not a master mechanic.  Although these "procedures" may seem straightforward and simple to some of you, many (like the large scale 3 truck shay procedure) seem out of my comfort zone.

Would it be unreasonable to:
- have Bachmann perform the procedures on all remaining in-stock items,
-have Bachmann authorize and fund LHS to perform the procedures,
-offer a rebate to customers willing and capable of performing these  procedures themselves.

 I think it has become too easy for Bachmann to pass the problems on to us.  Until it becomes too expensive and/or too much of a hassle for Bachmann to continue having these problems, we will continue to have these problems.