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Title: Four-month New Product Window
Post by: James Thomas on May 02, 2007, 04:52:22 PM
In the good old days we would have been hearing (and talking about) new products due out in time for Christmas.  Now, of course, we won't be hearing about these new items until September or October.

I miss the excitement and anticipation as well as progress reports and pilot model photos.  Seems like Bachmann must know what's coming long before four months of release date.  I would also think Bachmann might like some feedback before a project is too far along to make minor adjustments.

Anyone feel the same way?

Title: Re: Four-month New Product Window
Post by: ebtbob on May 02, 2007, 09:52:12 PM

      While I can understand where you are coming from,  I,  for one,  applaud Bachmann for handling things the way they do.   I am soooooo tired of manufacturers announcing products and then due date after due date comes and goes wth no product available.   Two examples.....BLI Pennsy 2-10-0.   Announced almost two years ago,   several months before their already released Big Boy.  Now they say November of this year.   Hold your breath!.    The second,  Micro Engineering's On30 turnouts.   Announced over two years ago,  they are now advertising them in Model Railroader Magazine.  I called my local train store about availability and was told that they are almost finished with the molds.   People,  this is the same message I got directly form Micro Engineering almost 18 months ago.   
      So,  yes,  I miss the anticipation,  but I think Bachmann has got it right.