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Title: Indy running in Maui
Post by: norman on December 11, 2010, 11:00:22 PM
Dear Mr Bachmann:

Could you produce a wood burner style Indie with a Radley Hunter style stack, peaked roof cab with two side windows of equal length, link & pin cowcatcher ?

This would give Lee Riley a good reason to visit Hawaii !

How about a boiler with one steam dome followed by one sand dome followed by one bell as per the 4-4-0 ?



Title: Re: Indy running in Maui
Post by: Tom Lapointe on December 11, 2010, 11:30:49 PM
Norm, thanks for posting that video link  :) .  I rode the L.K. & P. myself on a trip to Maui a few years back; loco was a different 2-4-0 with an arch-windowed steel cab (that looked like it came of a New Haven class I-4 Pacific!), relatively "modern"- looking appliances, and an SP-style "whaleback" oil tender.  All sorts of interesting hardware lying around their engine terminal area; saw what appeared to be part of a small Shay-style "T" boiler, and most interesting, the frame, cylinders, & running gear of a Mogul  (no boiler or cab), with a tender underframe behind it, all in primer coat - wonder if we'll see that running there in the future?  ;)

I'll agree, both of these engines would be nice prototypes to see Bachmann produce  (they'd make great starter-set locos!), would easily handle R1-radius curves.  Both of them have an amazingly loud "bark"  :o to their exhausts, sound like much larger locos than they are.  The covered turntable at one end of the line might be nice to see available as well (could be done as an upscaled version of the old Atlas HO turntable, no pit required!).   ;)  Tom

Title: Re: Indy running in Maui
Post by: samevans on December 13, 2010, 10:41:48 AM
Do we really want models of former industrial locos tricked out to look like show ponies for the tourist trade?  I'd rather a proper industrial loco that folk could then decorate if they wanted to go down the tourist train route

Title: Re: Indy running in Maui
Post by: R. J. Raleigh on December 13, 2010, 11:02:56 PM
I'd rather have a Spectrum Series C-16.

Title: Re: Indy running in Maui
Post by: russm on December 14, 2010, 11:32:59 PM
That is a beautiful Bowker (not sure if Baldwin).  I would buy that in a heartbeat!  My father gave me an HO scale V&T Bowker for Christmas many years ago. (

Title: Re: Indy running in Maui
Post by: Tom Lapointe on December 15, 2010, 09:11:11 PM
@ samevans:

If the original 2-4-0 shown in the video norman posted was a little too "tarted up"  ;) for your taste, you might prefer this one (LK&P #3, "Myrtle"): (

For a small industrial loco, relatively "modern" looking  8) - a bit unusual with the combo of the almost New Haven - style arch-windowed steel cab, & the SP-style "whaleback" tender.  This was the loco I rode behind when I visited the LK&P on Maui.  As you'll note in the video - remarkably LOUD  :o "bark" to the exhaust (sounds more like a PRR K4s Pacific!), nice melodic chime whistle.   :)  The LK&P burns used auto motor oil for fuel, guess they borrowed a page from SP for the tender design.  An "undec" version of this loco (perhaps available with a conventional tender as well as the rather unusual "whaleback" style) would be a good starting point if you wanted to do a "grungy" industrial loco.  It could probably be priced at the lower end of Bachmann's line, certainly wouldn't have any problems with R1 curves.  Perhaps I'm biased a bit, having witnessed it in action personally; I've considered picking up one of the older Bachmann 2-4-2's & kitbashing it into a likeness of this.  Have to dig up the video I shot of it myself, edit it & post it to YouTube one of these days.   ;)  Tom

Title: Re: Indy running in Maui
Post by: Mik on December 16, 2010, 03:07:40 AM
Speaking of Indy and Maui.....


All you'd really need is a Delton/Aristo c-16 cab and tender shell

Title: Re: Indy running in Maui
Post by: norman on December 21, 2010, 03:57:16 AM
Hi Mik:

That would make a great 1:24 scale model. Thank you for posting this.

I guess one could just hook up a C-16 tender and change the cab.

Is the tender rear lamp centered in the middle or is the rear lamp at the extreme side tender edge?

Too bad that I gave away the two Indies I had bought on clearance!

Of course the Bachmann Indie boiler sits way too high.

Thank you


Title: Re: Indy running in Maui
Post by: Mik on December 21, 2010, 02:43:53 PM
Norman, tender light appears to be on the right (engineer's) side. A lot of NG locos had them there so they'd be out of the way of trainmen climbing the ladder. The NoS Delton guy on fleabay has most of the parts you'd need pretty reasonable (cab, roof, tender floor and shell). You'd just need to re-use the tender trucks and whatever electronics you wanted to transfer, then scrounge an air tank. Be cheaper than buying a whole new tender.

And I already did the cab swap years ago, so I know it's pretty easy. It fits right over the edges of the factory cab floor leaving just a small gap to fill. And I think lowering the walkways and removing the air tanks would probably help most of that 'boiler too high' look.

It's been on my 'to do' list ever since I found that pic about 2 years ago.