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Title: A proposal
Post by: PieroRK on December 28, 2010, 07:02:36 AM
A proposal

Hi all and above all happy Christmas holidays.

This is a proposal for technicians and designers Thomas trains and friends.

I emptied the pockets of plastic that bring the locomotives of the series of Thomas and his friends in scale H0 and I have put a smd led connected to a decoder and is wonderful to see how their headlights on and off when moving through our unique Island Sodor. There is only one catch is that the outbreaks are not opaque but translucent and when Thomas turned his small headlight also fully illuminates the back and sides. I think if these lights were made in opaque black plastic that would not happen to bring them light. Uncia is a proposal I believe that there will be an economic effort on the part of the brand.

A greeting and thank you very much.