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Title: "The Titfield Thunderbolt"--Real Life Thomas
Post by: J3a-614 on January 16, 2011, 11:55:58 PM
This movie, a British comedy from 1952 or so, is currently available at this link on YouTube.  The story is of a small town that is about to lose its railway connection, and decides to purchase and keep a branch line, right in the face of no professional help and bus competition.  It is a delightful movie, and the most enjoyable film I've seen in years.  Why, it's almost a real life, historical Thomas the Tank engine, with some other things you would't quite see on Thomas, like the two drunks stealing a locomotive and running it down streets and through a park, along with the wonderful list of charges against them in the police station after this chase.  And the chase itself--why, it's the equal of anything the Marx Brothers did in "Go West!"

Of course, having mentioned "Go West!", I've got to include it as a second feature:

I already own a copy of "Go West!", and now I have to get "Titfield," too. . .

P.S.--The crazy train stuff in "Go West!" starts in Part 8, but the rest of it is still a delight with those crazy brothers, so see them, too, no need to cheat yourself. . .

Title: Re: "The Titfield Thunderbolt"--Real Life Thomas
Post by: jettrainfan on January 17, 2011, 11:36:07 AM
Thanks for sharing! I'll check the 2 out when I get the chance.