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Title: SPNG
Post by: gunslinger473 on July 10, 2007, 07:52:47 PM
 Hey Mr. Bach Man,
      I've been chattinig with some freinds of mine, both personal and from some yahoo groups talking about the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge. As I read some of their messages and what they say I agree with. They're saying you (The Bach Man) should produce SPNG locomotives. Now if you did make the engines that you would be the only Co. to make said models in large scale. An "Exclusive" Bachmann product if you will. From what I've read there is an extreamly high demand for SPNG #s' 9, 8, 18, and possibly #22. These engines would go great with your new 1:20.3 Flat and Box cars.
  Another good reson to produce these models are the fact that you would have 1:20.3 other than the Colorado NG wich you are well known to have.
 I believe that this would be a great business oppertunity esspecialy because of all the demand. What are your thaughts on this subject Mr. Bach Man?

Title: Re: SPNG
Post by: japasha on July 10, 2007, 08:21:14 PM
I agree with the suggestion of the SP Narrow gauge as it did last until 1960 as a common carrier and many pieces of Colorado rolling stock made it there via the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway.

The locomotives are almost a slam-dunk as the wheelbase is almost idientical with the Tweetsie locomotive presently offered. A nice whaleback tender and a shorter smokebox would be close.

Maybe a funky version of a SP caboose would be cool. Almost all of the rooling stock on the SP came from someplace else.  Similar equipment could also be found on the Pacific Coast Railroad in San Luis Obispo.

Title: Re: SPNG
Post by: the Bach-man on July 10, 2007, 11:59:50 PM
Dear All,
I'd like to see a whaleback ender as well.
Have fun!
the Bach-man