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Title: Sci-Fi Trains
Post by: gunslinger473 on July 23, 2007, 03:37:54 PM
    This is just a thought I had for some interesting locomotive ideas. If there are any other video gamers you might know what I'm talking about. The one idea came from a game I played for the PS2 called "Darkwatch". The game is about a secret society that protects man-kind from evil and tacks place in 1876. The society has highly advanced tech. (I thaught I wuold give som background befor I continue.) Any way the "Darkwatch" has a train called the "Midnight Special" and has the unusual whell arrangement of a 6-4-0! And I'm telling you if I saw this thing run thruogh the dead of night I'd wet myself, it would make the perfect holloween train! Its steam powerd and its heavily armored. Its proportions are similar to a 4-4-0 of the 1890's or early 1900's. The pilot or "Cow Catcher" is essentialy sharp blades sticking out of the pilot beam. It apears to have smoke deflecters and the smoke stack is slanted back at i think a 30 degree angle. The windows on the cab are very small, reqtangular in shape and are thin openings. The headlight is mounted on the smoke box and is also the same diamiter as the smoke box. Three metal bars cross the headlight horizontaly for protection. Personaly given the time period if the game I think thy should have used an engine typical of the 1870's, but I'll talk about that more on a later post. Sorry if this post is a little long but I thaught this would make for an interesting discussion.

Title: Re: Sci-Fi Trains
Post by: Dusten Barefoot on July 23, 2007, 07:25:35 PM
Go to Tweetsie Railroad during the week ends in october. The formal WP&Y 2-8-2 gets customized for the hollween season, It gets a huge skull with a hinged jaw that has steam to blow out of thw skull and the head light is skull, it has bones as the driving rodes, a devil engineer and a skeleton fireman, and all through the night it blast out Rock'n'Roll!! Here is a video on the train, so if you computer is slow I fell sorry for'ya.

Title: Re: Sci-Fi Trains
Post by: kevin2083 on July 25, 2007, 09:13:48 PM
my computer isn't slow, it just dosen't like me.