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Title: Track wiring for DCC
Post by: dagarwal01 on March 15, 2013, 11:47:09 AM
I am planning to add Bachmann DCC crossovers to my HO layout. What special things do I need for track wiring. I have read a lot of stuff about needing a separate booster and an autoreversing circuit. Is all that stuff applicable to Bachmann dcc friendly crossovers also. I coul;d use some expert help.

Title: Re: Track wiring for DCC
Post by: Jerrys HO on March 15, 2013, 08:08:31 PM

How big is your layout is the first question second would be how many loco's running at one time.
There is no special wiring that I can think of. If you are talking about the decoder equipped turnout's and crossovers they use the power from the track which throwing one switch at a time will not effect the trains.
I started to go with the decoder crossovers ( I have one decoder equipped and one not)
but did not like using the same controller that runs my trains. I prefer to reach down and throw the switch with the switch controller.(I know what's next-- what's the difference) Try slowing a loco down and throwing the switch in time from the same controller with my fat finger's.
The only thing the auto reversers are used for is if you have a reverse loop where you need to switch polarity. The reverser does it for you. It is also needed on some turntables not Bachmann's.
If your layout is not to large you should be OK power wise.


Title: Re: Track wiring for DCC
Post by: dagarwal01 on March 16, 2013, 10:49:23 PM
Thanks Jerry. My layout is not very large and I do not plan to run more than 2 locomotives at a time. I have two ( right and left) Bachmann dcc friendly single crossovers and I am not sure if it is decoder equipped ( I do not think that it is, but it may well be) but I need a separate  AC source for throwing a switch, actually I need to throw 2 for each crossover.
The crossover has isolated non-insulated frogs. There is a note at the back that talks about powering the frogs, (I do not know how) for small locos. Looking at the available you tube videos it seems to me that I need an auto reverser to prevent a short when using a crossover, no matter what. Please confirm that I do not need an autoreversing module with a separate track power source.

Title: Re: Track wiring for DCC
Post by: jward on March 16, 2013, 11:35:06 PM
electrically, there should be no reason to use an autoreverser for a crossover unless it is part of a reversing loop. check the two adjacent tracks with a voltmeter. if they are the same polarity you don't need an autoreverser.

Title: Re: Track wiring for DCC
Post by: Jerrys HO on March 16, 2013, 11:49:04 PM
Are you DCC or DC? The crossovers were designed for DCC use only.
If the crossovers (should be #44575 and 44576) you have came with control boxes they are not decoder equipped. The decoder equipped are #44137 and 44138.
The 44575 and 44576 need a separate power supply to power the controllers. I use the power pack from an analog train set which is like the one pictured. You can use any old walwart that you may have from an old cell phone or kids toy.

The control boxes can be wired to where one box controls both points, just cut the green cable and splice together. Make sure the center wire is connected to the same wire on the other cable. The outer wires control which way the points are facing and you may have to switch them around to get them to throw the same.

As far as powering the frog there is a little thin black wire taped to the underside of the crossover that if needed can be plugged into the prong sticking out by the frog. There should have been directions on a piece of paper showing this. I do not have any of my frogs powered and none of my loco's stop at the frog even my 0-6-0. The choice is yours.
The auto- reverser is not needed unless you create a reversing loop with the crossover. A picture of your layout will help determine if you have one and don't realize that you do.  


Title: Re: Track wiring for DCC
Post by: dagarwal01 on March 17, 2013, 03:36:35 PM
Thank you Jeffrey and Jerry