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Title: Crossing Gate Tips and tricks.
Post by: airferber on April 23, 2013, 04:19:52 PM
A thread in the N scale forum had a discussion about the N-scale crossing gate (44879) bouncing since they were weight activated.  I found a solution that could also apply to HO scale (44579).  This isn't the cheapest solution but it increases reliability.

1.  drill holes in the sides of the counterweight part of each gate arm, to allow the use of a .025" diameter steel or brass actuator wire.  Remove the old plastic actuators from the counterweight portion of each gate arm.

2.  Remove the pressure springs and plate from the track base.

3.  Use in infrared motion activated crossing signal controller with tortoise switch motors or micro servos (azatrax only).

4.  Make sure the steel actuators are the cut and bent to the right length before connecting the gate to the motor.
5.  If you want working flashers, you can get them from Model Power or NJ International.  These are to be placed in front of each gate.     

6.  If the stock gate arm pedestal breaks off,  it can be replaced with the gates that come with static signals (N scale item #42504 or HO scale Item #42200) available from Bachmann.  A hole will need to be drilled on the upper part of the counterweight (marked with an "O"). 

I have had succes with this installation.  Hope this works for you as well.