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Title: Traction tres mounting HELP
Post by: ftauss on September 24, 2013, 02:50:08 PM
Wow do I have big fingers! Trying to change traction tires on a 4-4-0. The old ones come off easily enough. I have a box of tires from Calumet (box is at home, don't remember full name) package says specifically that they will fit this particular model.

I have a dowel that I tapered on one end to expand the tire as I pushed up the cone and then slide ti down towards the wheel pressed against the full diameter end of the dowel. So far no joy.

Anyone got a trick for this that doesn't involve large quantites of bourbon?

Oops! had another idea while visualizing to explain it. Well, any of your ideas may help soooo...

Title: Re: Traction tres mounting HELP
Post by: brokemoto on September 24, 2013, 07:11:54 PM
Virnex sells a tyre mounting tool for diseasels.  As the drivers of the Bachpersonn eight wheeler are small,  it should work on that one.  It consists of a metal piece over which you slide the tyre.  You then slide the other metal sleeve over the metal rod and push the tyre onto the driver.

Failing that, I have had success using a pair of pointed tweezers.  I spread the tyre, then start to fit it into the groove.  I then bring the tweezers down, around the wheel and together slowly, allowing the tyre to settle into the groove.  When I get to the bottom, I put a fingernail up against the last piece of tyre and slide out the tweezers.  The remaining part of the tyre will settle into the groove.

Title: Re: Traction tres mounting HELP
Post by: James in FL on September 24, 2013, 11:59:02 PM
Hi ftauss,

Iíve always use a pair of internal/external snap ring pliers with my smallest tip (.035?) to spread the tire.

Bourbon helps.

Good luck

Title: Re: Traction tres mounting HELP
Post by: ftauss on September 25, 2013, 02:15:11 PM
Got it!

Took a 5/16th dowel, cut it down to about 1.25". put one end in a pencil sharpener until I had a cone shape (you don't want the end pointy!)

Slip the tire over the narrowed end and gently work it up. When it's all the way up move it down about .25" from the end. Line up the end of the dowel with the wheel. Put the whole thing in a Panavise and close it up keeping the dowel aligned with the driver. It isn't perfect, but close enough. Slip the tire down the rest of the way. Out of 4 1 slipped on with almost no problems, the other 3 needed tobe coaxed. I have a watch repair kit with a tiny little pin punch which I used to get under the tire and then just popped it onto the wheel.

Cool stuff. thanks