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Title: Controller for Model 90-0100
Post by: Jimco008 on January 09, 2015, 10:21:06 AM
Just bought a venerable battery-operated Bachmann Big Hauler set, Model No. 90-0100.  It's missing the (battery operated) controller (No. 460? not sure why the Bachmann parts guy told me to mention that number). 

Bachmann told me they don't make 'em anymore.  Any suggestions on how I can get one?



Title: Re: Controller for Model 90-0100
Post by: Loco Bill Canelos on January 09, 2015, 10:45:23 AM
Knowing the number told us exactly what you have.  You will Most likely find it only on Ebay.  Look at the cab number on your locomotive it will either be or end in a 9 or a 7.  Most were ending in 7, end in seven means you will need the 27 MHz transmitter.   There were two frequencies 27 MHz or 49 MHz.   You will need the transmitter with the frequency compatible with the locomotive you have.  Sometime there is a little paper  label glued to the bottom of the loco which says what the frequency is.

When you see one on Ebay make sure you are bidding on the one with the correct frequency.  If the seller cant tell you what the frequency is don't buy it or make sure you get it cheap.  Sometime you can even get the whole set real cheap, there were hundreds of thousands made.

Good luck,


Corrected spelling added Ebay info