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Title: Beta version of Android E-Z App
Post by: InsideTrack on May 23, 2016, 09:22:26 AM
BlueRail has pushed the Beta Android E-Z App to "live" in the Google Play store. This should allow you to control any BlueRail plugin board with an Android running version 4.3 or greater (also compatible with E-Z App). Blue Rail considers the app "Beta" as it is still adding features and making fixes to bring the Android version up to speed with the iOS version. The Beta version is functioning well, but may experience issues on some devices (there are over 5000 Android types to be supported). Please read the "Latest News" link on the site for details on app progress. If you experience any issues operating the app, please use the built-in "report" button, which will help BlueRail fix the problem. Thank you to BlueRail users who are providing valuable feedback and suggestions.