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Title: Here are the Radio Controlled Set Instructions
Post by: Loco Bill Canelos on October 01, 2016, 06:02:45 PM
Hi All

Many of you have asked for the instruction manual for the original 1988-1993 Radio controlled Battery powered sets.  They are:
90100*   ATSF   Big Hauler RC 27 mhz   1988   OOP    Freight   7   Ver1   Gon DRGW # 1638   B&O Flat #1525   Bob Cab ATSF#425
90100   Notes:   The original Big Hauler set!                        
90101   ATSF   Green Lightning RC 49 mhzGreen Lightning RC 49 mhzGreen Lightning RC 49 mhz   1989   OOP   Freight   9   Ver1   Victor Gold Mining Gon#328     ATSF Bob Cab #425   
90101   Notes:   Not Cataloged  Who was it made for?      May have also been made in 27 mhz #7                  
90102   HE   Holiday Express RC     1990   OOP   Freight   7 or 9   Ver1   Victor Gold Mining Gon#328     ATSF Bob Cab #425   
90102HE   Notes:   Not cataloged The tender is lettered Holiday Express, this set was made in both 27 mhz and 49 Mhz                         
90102F   HE    Holiday Express RC 49 mhz   1992   Ltd Run   Freight   9   Ver1   Gon Franks Nursery & Crafts No Number   ATSF #425 Bobber Caboose   
90102HEF   Notes:   Special set for Franks Nursery & Crafts 189 Stores in mid west & east. Same as set 90102 except Franks Tan Gondola instead of the VGM Gon.  Franks is liquidating in late 2004                        
90105   EKJX   The Big Top RC 27 mhz   1993   OOP   Circus   7   Ver1   Flat  #144 Lion & Tiger White   Combine All Star Circus   
90105   Notes:   Not cataloged Has lion and tiger in cage car                        

Thanks to some beautiful scans I got from Wade Colyer, you can look at the actual manual.  Wade discovered two different version manuals and we expect there is one more we haven't seen.

I have used pages from both manuals, so for historic purposes the scans that follow are not useful.  They are definitely practical and should tell you all you need to know about your Radio controlled battery powered set no matter which one you get.
Front Cover:

Inside Front cover
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Inside Back cover
Back Cover

Power Adapter and note from R/C Emmett Kelly Set

The above scan shows the adapter(above note and on top of the tender) which came in all the sets, it allowed the use of the rechargable 7.2 volt Nicad Battery packs.  The note further clarifies the on off sequence for operation.

A quick note about frequencies:  Bachmann used two frequencies in the Radio controlled sets. They were 27 Mhz and 49 Mhz.  There were paper stickers on the transmitters and on the bottom of the locomotives indicating the frequency of the item. Locomotives with the cab number ending in 7 were 27 Mhz, while locomotives with the cab number ending in a 9 were 49 Mhz.   With two frequencies you can operate(control) two different trains on the same set of tracks.  Could be fun for two persons, but definitely allows for collisions.

Battery Notes:  I strongly recommend rechargeable batteries. You can get rechargeable D Cells, or the 7.2 volt Nicad batteries.  The locomotive does take a lot of power out of the batteries, and non-rechargeable batteries can get expensive.  Low battery is the most common problem with these sets. Always start out with fresh fully charged batteries in both the transmitter and in the locomotive.  Some supposedly new batteries may have lost some power sitting on store shelves, so be aware. If you are absolutely sure your batteries are fresh, and the locomotive will not run, it is most likely not repairable, since there are no repairable parts in either the loco or transmitter.

Final comment:  The R/C Sets can be fun, but they were made as toys, and are not generally very dependable, and have a tendency to break down.  Some are 29 years old.  There are no longer any parts available, and Bachmann Service cannot help you with them anymore.  If you need parts all you can do is go on sites like Ebay and buy another set for parts.    

Hope this answers all your questions about operation of the R/C sets.  Again thanks to Wade Colyer for the providing the great scans!

Loco Bill Canelos

Title: Re: Here are the Radio Controlled Set Instructions
Post by: Loco Bill Canelos on October 21, 2016, 05:56:36 PM
Hope this has helped those with an interest in the old R/C sets.

These instructions have now been added to the sticky post at the top of the forum regarding the link to the electric set instructions.  One click now gets both!!

Loco Bill