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Title: the pennslvanian 4-6-0
Post by: hobo1 on October 03, 2017, 02:49:52 PM
I have a question for loco bill I have the pennsylvanian                            4-6-0 #90082 and I want to add a ANNIE power chassis to it.I would appreciate any help on this. thanks so much

Title: Re: the pennslvanian 4-6-0
Post by: Loco Bill Canelos on October 03, 2017, 11:12:05 PM
Hi Hobo,
90082 PRR   The Pennsylvanian   2004   2012   Pass   863   Ver 5    Coach PRR #15 Tuscan   Obs PRR #21Tuscan

Your set was introduced in 2004 and remained in the catalog until 2012 but was available after that til supplies ran out at Hobby retailers and Boscov's Dept stores.

All production models of this set loco do have the latest version 5 chassis.  My recommendation is to leave it alone as long as it is running OK.   

All Annie chassis now available have the same exact Version 5 motor and gears, but of course do have the metal side rods.

There is no Annie chassis available with the same colors that are on your chassis.  Example yours has the gold painted spokes and none of the available chassis are painted that way.  You existing locomotive has Stephenson valve gears.   Your best bet would be to get one of the replacement Annie chassis with Stephenson valve gear and which is painted all black and the paint it to match your existing chassis.  DO NOT buy Chassis 81097 because it does not have a smoke switch.  The only other Stephenson valve gear loco chassis now available is 81095 which has the red painted wheels and gaudy steam chests which would all need painting. You would also have to use your old pilot (cowcatcher). If you don't mind painting this is fine.

If you were willing to go with the more complex Walshearts valve gear you could go with 81099 which is all black and could be used as is, unless you wanted to do the painting.

Hope this helps.


Title: Re: the pennslvanian 4-6-0
Post by: Plow_Bender on October 04, 2017, 08:27:14 PM
Hey Bill,
I know this is off topic, but I didn't really want to create a new thread and clutter up the forum just for this one post.  Anyways, I just got in my C-19 today and give it a run on my garden railroad.  I noticed however that the chuff doesn't work and I was wondering if I needed DCC to use this feature?  From what I read in the manual, it seems like it should work even on DC power.  It also says that there is an ash pan glow feature on the model as well, but I can't see one.  Any ideas?


Title: Re: the pennslvanian 4-6-0
Post by: hobo1 on October 05, 2017, 11:46:39 AM
 Thanks loco bill you really know your stuff

Title: Re: the pennslvanian 4-6-0
Post by: Loco Bill Canelos on October 05, 2017, 12:30:09 PM

Glad I could help!


Mine is in storage right now but it worked fine on straight DC.  Yours should as well. You can try contacting Bachmann service as it may be a service issue. Recheck your instructions and switches first.  In the future it is best to start a new thread for something like this, because often there are smarter folks than I on many things.  In fact why not start a new post and see what happens.