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Title: Spectrum Low-Boiler 4-6-0 prototypes to model
Post by: Searsport on November 28, 2017, 06:52:33 PM
Hi, I found these web pages with some great photos of 4-6-0s that the Spectrum model could easily fit:, They are all on the Louisville & Wadley (Georgia), showing L&W 4-6-0s #6 and #41, and two styles of L&W lettering, and also Wrightsville & Tennille #43 operating on the line. Some great shots of mixed trains, and the last pic on page 4 of #43 with a single coach / baggage. For me these are ideal scenes to try to capture in minimum space modelling, possibly fed from interchangable 3-ft or 4-ft casettes.

Also shown is W&T 2-8-0 #208, virtually a 2-8-0 version of the low-boiler 4-6-0. This is the sort of loco I have on these pages previously urged Bachmann to add to their small steam fleet before they simplified the 4-6-0. However, a model without the fussy and archaic detail would not be worthwhile, we already have one from Roundhouse. I have Ma & Pa Baldwin 2-8-0 #26 in brass by Aristocraft, and what I would have liked Bachmann to do was to have added that class, which was a Baldwin "off-the-shelf" design of wide application, to their Ma & Pa fleet, in the days before they decided to abandon high-end small steam models.

Fortunately I have a good stock of unlettered Spectrum Baldwin and Richmond 4-4-0s, low and high boiler 4-6-0s, and Russian Decapods, all great models full of character. Thank goodness for the Decapod, a truly characterful loco, only 10 inches long over couplers, that will fit on a small RR and be at home in a rural backwater. Let us hope that those molds never get "simplified" for the sake of shaving a few pennies off the price. Apart from loss of detail, one problem with moulding the pipework onto the boiler is that you cannot then move it to represent different locos more accurately. You can do that with a cleanly molded boiler and separate pipework.

Happy Modelling,

Title: Re: Spectrum Low-Boiler 4-6-0 prototypes to model
Post by: Trainman203 on November 29, 2017, 09:47:06 AM
Your modeling mindset appears to be channeling mine , Bill.  There’s not a lot of us interested in steam era short lines in the South.  If anyone else here is also, please report.

 I too lament the passing of the Spectrum small steam engines.  They were beautiful, right up my shortline alley, ran incredibly smoothly, and to me were a high water mark in serious scale model railroading .  Their passing seems to mirror the slow passing of serious model railroading, and steam era model railroading, in my opinion.

I too have stocked against the drought - 5 low boiler and (unfortunately only) 3 high boiler ten wheelers, eight 4-4–0’s, and (unfortunately only) 5 decapods.  And 8 of the consolidations, three 2-10-2’s, and two light 4-8-2’s as well.   I have 2 of the newer 2-6-0’s and one of the 2-8-2, and while they run just as smoothly as the Spectrum engines, the detail simplication is quite noticeable.

I too hope for the eventual return of all the Spectrum steam engines as we knew and loved them.

Title: Re: Spectrum Low-Boiler 4-6-0 prototypes to model
Post by: Searsport on November 29, 2017, 02:45:07 PM
Hi Trainman, thanks for your reply. Your stock is greater than mine, in all categories. You probably know about this, but if not, may I recommend "Slow Trains Down South" vol 1 "Daily 'Cept Sunday" and vol 2 "Deep In Dixie" by Mallory Ferrell. As well as the atmospheric scenes, prototypes of all of the Spectrum small steam appear in the over 500 combined pages trundling through the weeds or gently simmering at obscure halts. It is organized by railroad, which is additionally helpful.

Best Regards,

Title: Re: Spectrum Low-Boiler 4-6-0 prototypes to model
Post by: Trainman203 on November 29, 2017, 09:08:41 PM
I haven’t seen those books, Bill.  Thanks, I’ll hunt for them. I did have a copy of “Extra South” by H. Reid, wore that book out.  I once had “When Beauty Rode the Rails” by  Beebe and Clegg, never did get their “Mixed Train Daily.”

I first became aware of the Russian Decapod in 1965 by an H K Vollrath photo of one of MP’s switching the Mississippi River car ferry at Anchorage, LA, across from Baton Rouge.  When Bachmann finally made the Decapod I could get one of the engines I always wanted.  I have two MP ones now and a Frisco one, since the MP branch back home started out as the Frisco. The other two are for my own railroad.