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Title: Bachmann controller no. 6605
Post by: billyb on March 07, 2018, 08:54:35 PM
Found an old Bachmann controller which I need a pdf or instruction manual.  Something that will give be info on it.
It is no. 6605

Title: Re: Bachmann controller no. 6605
Post by: James in FL on March 08, 2018, 04:57:44 PM
Hi billyb,

Not much to these controllers to figure out.
Two screw terminals marked either “Track” or DC output are connected one to each rail.
Other two screw terminals marked Accessories or “AC” are connected to either lighting accessories or switch machines, or simply not used if not required. Sometimes they are covered with tape from the factory so you don’t hook them up to the track.
IIRC, the Rheostat knob rotates about 180°, in the center will be off, so about 90° left or right.
Turning the knob either CW or CCW makes the lokie move either forward or reverse (according to which wire you have connected to which rail).
The more you advance the knob (either left or right of center) the faster your train will go (increasing voltage to the track).

Good luck

Title: Re: Bachmann controller no. 6605
Post by: Len on March 09, 2018, 06:37:58 AM
The problem with the 'flip handle' power packs like the 6605, and later 6607, is you basically get two speeds in each direction, Warp 4.5 and Warp 9.0.

For operating trains, look for a one piece power pack with a speed control knob that gives between 270deg and 320deg of of motion.   If you can find them for a reasonable price, the Bachmann Spectrum 44212, or Model Rectifier 1300 or 1370 power packs are good choices.


Title: Re: Bachmann controller no. 6605
Post by: bbmiroku on March 09, 2018, 11:21:47 PM
Another thing to remember is that since there is no physical feedback (a notch or something like it that the knob hits into) when the controller is on the off position, you really need to unplug the unit when not using it.  Using a sensitive engine, I've figured out that in reverse, power starts being supplied just after the 'o' in off, but in forward, it's more like where the 10 would be on the knob.  But this is on the 6607.

I've noticed that the 6607 has, it seems, 3 or 4 speeds in either direction.  Sure it won't steady crawl, but unless your track is 'weed-infested siding' on the mainline and has a slow order of 10mph, crawling isn't really necessary.

Title: Re: Bachmann controller no. 6605
Post by: James in FL on March 10, 2018, 12:08:47 AM
With a google search the key words, "Bachmann controller 6605" turns up this info:

Output 0-17VDC, 20VAC.
Max Output 6VA Total.

I think most here would agree with both Len and bbmiroku, they are truly basic starter packs.
Really suited better for running accessories than at running trains.
Upgrading power supplies from the entry level type, should be very high on the priorities list.
Second only to the acquisition of real estate.

Title: Re: Bachmann controller no. 6605
Post by: bbmiroku on March 10, 2018, 11:21:29 PM
Yes.  If you're setting up a permanent layout, get rid of those satanic starter controllers.  But if (like me) you only set a temporary one up and only plan on running DC and one train per controller, not really a point in spending the money on an upgrade.  I still use my 6607 (17V DC, 20V AC, 7VA Total) from the set I got as a child.
My last set-up used 5 controllers (upper loop, lower loop, branch loop, branch line, yard).  Which I still feel was cheaper than dumping all and investing in DCC.  That being said, once I own a house and can dedicate a space to a permanent layout, DC is going away, only to be taken out at Christmas for the Tree Loop.