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Title: How do use the Bachmann interface board to install a decoder in a Climax
Post by: Bucksco on June 04, 2018, 03:51:48 PM
All DCC decoders have common wiring protocols - at least those that conform to the NMRA suggestions. Each wire on the adapter board is marked with identification lettering such as M+ (motor positive), M- (Motor negative), etc....
All you need to do to use the adapter board ( the one with all the wires on it) is match the lettering on the wires to the spot on your decoder that is labeled the same. Doesn't hurt to have a set of instructions for the decoder you choose to install so that it is easy to match the wires to the proper socket on the decoder. Most large scale decoders feature small sockets to screw the wires into so it's easy.The adapter board is designed to mate a non 21 pin decoder to the 21 pin socket on the Bachmann interface board in the coal bunker.
Use the adapter board with the wires to adapt your decoder of choice to the 21 pin interface in the Bachmann loco.