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Title: EZ track derailments
Post by: jayoh13 on October 21, 2018, 05:58:21 PM
I have a son that is on the autism spectrum and doesn't have a lot of patience to deal with derailments.  He is a huge fan of Thomas and we recently purchased an HO set with EZ track.
At least three of the track reconnection are somewhat uneven and cause a derailment.  You can't even make it around once without at least one car derailing.  We have the track on a solid, even flat board.  The cars don't seem to be heavy enough to stay on the track with Just the least amount of unevenness.  I've done my best to make sure the connections are tight and even, but still can't manage to get them all smooth.  For the price of the set and the additional trains we purchased, I hate to see this just sit in a closet unused.

Any suggestions would help.  Maybe switching over to the steel track and ditching the EZ track?  Thanks

Title: Re: EZ track derailments
Post by: Len on October 21, 2018, 11:06:02 PM
It sounds like you may have some rail joiners that went under the connecting track instead of on to it. Run a finger along the top of each rail joint, moving in both directions over the joint. If a joiner went under the rail, you'll feel the blunt end of the rail sticking up when you move your finger one way or the other. If you do, seperate the pieces and reconnect, being sure the joiners actually go onto the rail.


Title: Re: EZ track derailments
Post by: jayoh13 on October 22, 2018, 09:18:50 PM
Thanks, Len!

Rechecked all the connections and fixed a couple that were off.  One section seems to be bent a little.  It is not causing a derailment, but you can tell the train is taking a little bump when it goes over it. I planned on adding more track, so I will probably just replace that section. 

Thanks again for your help.