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Title: 3 POsition Function Switch
Post by: RkyGriz on February 16, 2019, 01:02:53 AM
Hi, Mr. Yardmaster!I'm' wondering if the new 4-6-0 might be including a 3 position switch or other means, of controlling the function of your new 4-6-0 without having to install a DCC unit. What I'm hoping for is that the switch would allow for the loco to be either turned off, or with the smoke and headlight going while sitting on a powered siding. The third position, of course, would be for full function.I've been thinking of modifying one of my current Anniversary 4-6-0's (as an experiment) in this way, but am somewhat hesitant to modify the existing wiring, although it has occurred to me that the polarity switch in the front of the smoke box would be the perfect location for a switch of this nature.It would only be a matter of which wire does what and goes where. I have already gutted ,and rebuilt, one of your Anniversary chassis as the wheel well broke on mine , and I was able to find a gutted donor chassis on Ebay for far less than a complete new one would have cost. This rebuilt chassis would be a perfect test bed for my experiment.
What do you think?