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Title: Installing RCS/EVO battery R/C in the K-27.
Post by: Tony Walsham on April 03, 2008, 09:17:42 AM
Fellow Large Scalers.

Now that I have actually installed a number of my PnP-3 battery R/C control systems in the K-27 I thought it prudent to steer anyone who is interested to the Actual RCS/EVO instructions and Forum topics with pics of how I did it.
Firstly the RCS Instructions. (
Now for the EVO version. (

Please be advised they are both quite big files.

For forum topics with pictures go here:,4478.0.html (,4478.0.html)
.....and here:,4945.0.html (,4945.0.html)

My initial impressions of the K-27 are positive, notwithstanding the various mechanical problems that have manifested themselves.
So far all the electrics work just as I expected them to.
Bachmann have got the socket pcb right.  I designed the RCS/EVO PnP-3 battery R/C controllers AFTER I actually got to see an example of the loco and with the help of Dave Goodson.
I have no issue with the chuff timer as I have incorporated a couple of small components on the pcb to make it work as designed for a correctly timed chuff with any sound system.
The socket pcb is just fine for battery R/C.
There is no need to change the socket pcb except for the possible addition of a 3-4 amp Polyswitch® after the TRACK - BATTERY switch.  An alteration which would permit the TRACK - BATTERY switch to be used as the ON - OFF switch and simplify the installation even more.

Title: Re: Installing RCS/EVO battery R/C in the K-27.
Post by: Jon D. Miller on April 03, 2008, 01:10:46 PM
I took the K-27 to York last week for the ECLSTS.  Don Sweet put the new RCS PnP in so the K could be run at the show.

It seems like it took longer to get the loco off its carrier and remove the three tender shell screws than it did to install the system.  Don had previously installed a E-Cubed Azarr antenna.  Drilled two small holes in the tender top and placed the antenna under the coal load.  Buttoned it up and the K-27 was ready to rock and roll.

Using the socket and the PnP is the easiest instal you will find.  And the system works like a champ. 

Range at the show on the Central CT G Gaugers module was 75 feet, the length of their module.  The hand piece (TX) is first rate.

Back home the K-27 was given a test run on the layout.  Range is easily 90 feet.  The range is probably greater.  On the test run there were no missed signals from the transmitter to the receiver.  Very smooth, positive response.

Finally, a system that is really PnP.  I should note that I prefer to use a following car for the batteries so we did save time with the installation by not having to install batteries.

If you want an easy to instal RC/battery system this new RCS is just the ticket.  And you don't need to gut anything. ;)