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Title: Phoenix Light Rail
Post by: Seasaltchap on March 03, 2007, 05:52:30 PM

These are few pictures of the rail-laying currently on the route near 3rd Ave and Cameback.


The whole forms a concrete slap down the center of the streets with either a metal curb, as shown, or a concrete curb elsewhere


The rail is supported on feet holding the gauge at regular intervals, while a rebar matrix is built.


The rail is laminated with rubber sections of about ¾" thickness, held in place with duct-tape before the concrete is poured.

(4) (

The rails are strung out while the rebaring moves forward.

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The matrix of rebars is prepared before the concrete is poured. The length prepared in picture 4 is a "Batch" quatity for the concrete and will be completed before more rebar work. Photo show expansion joints being fitted made of tar fiber board.

The Sheds have been built and Trolley-sets are being delivered. Test runs are between midnight & 4am between the sheds and over Tempe Town Lake to Tempe.

The line is 20 miles and is expected to be complete with the opening service currently December planned for 2008. The next 20 miles is currently under planning development.


Behind the collection of palm trees(temporary nursery) in picture 1 stands a house whose resident refuses to move - the last property holding out along the 20 mile streach fo the route! They have sofar refuse $46,000. It came to light last week that the building is owned by Phoenix City, and the residents are renting!