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Title: Two different O Supermarkets.. and a bank?
Post by: lvrr325 on November 10, 2008, 12:01:16 PM
Picked up an O/O27 Supermarket that's shallower (or skinnier, the side walls are shorter) and has a centered door with windows on each side on Sunday.  Is it the original version of this building?   It has a BB logo on the back wall.   It's missing one side wall, too, but I wonder if the HO gas station can provide the replacement.. I'll have to dig one up and see.

At the same time I picked up a couple of the O version that are just like the HO one with the door on the right and the add on sign piece with the overhang.  (mostly because I didn't realize the first one was missing that, so I got one that does have it).  They have longer side walls with two molded in windows.

I also got a Plasticville Bank.  Thought maybe it was OOP, don't remember seeing another one, but I see you can get it built up as I look on eBay.  I got it because it looks pretty good, I've seen quite a few older bank buildings that it resembles pretty well.