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Title: Wiring for wireless radio control
Post by: mdpsts on June 10, 2009, 02:32:35 PM
I just purchased three new Bachmann engines: 2 truck shay, 2-8-0, and 4-4-0.  Unfortunately these are not plug and play so I am asking does anyone have (or can tell me where I may obtain) a simplified wiring diagram .  I have been in HO for 40 yrs. and have wired many NCE decoders.  However, I have never wired a receiver in a G guage engine, and I am really frustrated by looking at the wiring boards in these three G scale engines.  Thanks, Mike Phipps Sunset Beach, NC

Title: Re: Wiring for wireless radio control
Post by: Atlantic Central on June 10, 2009, 04:13:43 PM

Before anyone can help, they will need to know what wireless throttle you are using? Aristo Craft? Which one?

And, you may get a faster response on the large scale portion of this fourm or on the Aristo fourm.

Are you planning to use track power or battery? I am not personally familar with thr locos in question since I am in HO, but I am somewhat faimilar with the Aristo products.

If you are using track power than the receiver has inputs and outputs. The wires from the rails go to the inputs, the output goes to the circuit board inputs where the track connections where originally.

Unless of there is some sort of connector on the circuit board for this purpose.