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Title: K27 with Revolution and PB9 sound
Post by: Dr. Vulcan on June 26, 2009, 12:27:27 AM
I have just installed the new Aristo Revolution in my K27 and it could not be easier. Just plug it in, link the transmitter and away you go. Less than 10 minutes.

I am also trying to install the Pheonix PB9, so far I have the bell and whistle controlled by separate triggers from the transmitter. Where I am having trouble is getting the chuff signals to work when the loco is moving. All the standing sounds work fine.

Has anybody done this, and if so can you give me some pointers?
I have been through the PB9 manual but it is based on using the dummy board that comes in the loco. I would like to use the chuff sensors that are on the unit if that is possible. I may eventually figure this out but thought maybe someone more electronics savvy than me might have already figured it out.
Thanks in advance for the help.