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HO / Re: A dream come true!
July 09, 2021, 04:32:31 PM
Bachmann just announced these. I believe they perform best on 22" inch radius curves or greater. I have an N scale Dash 8-40CW with DCC and sound. Mine is the CSX paint scheme. I'll be getting this new engine in HO scale also with CSX colors. Anyone else gonna get it?
HO / A dream come true!
July 07, 2021, 10:37:54 PM
Hey guys I'm an HO modeler and I have wanted a Dash 8-40CW forever. Now we are getting them in HO. They will be equipped with DCC and Sound. Is anyone else going to purchase these? Does anyone know how many cars these locomotives can pull? Does anyone know the history of how these were built? Comment below with some info thank you.
Are you saying I was banned? No I'm still here. I haven't broken any rules and did nothing wrong. Quit being a troll.
Ummm there is a solution. Bachmann makes cranes that breach NMRA standards and Diesel 10's claw can be removable. Problem solved it's that simple!
I'm really hoping we get a Bachmann Diesel 10. I mean the demand is there so it is possible. I would buy that right away if they made that.
Hey guys I noticed a thread on here referring to Bachmann making Diesel 10. Well a request and if it is possible I was thinking. If I remade the entire Directors cut of the Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie with model sets and all how cool would it be if I made Diesel and Paxton Diesel 10's sidekicks? Seeing as how I don't see Bachmann making Splatter and Dodge. The plot would be that Diesel stays loyal to his boss Diesel 10 but at first Paxton is skeptical right from the start. Then as the story goes on, Paxton redeems himself by abandoning Diesel 10. Diesel would be defeated in the smelters yard by James while Diesel 10 would be defeated by falling off the viaduct. What do you guys think? Is it a good idea for a Bachmann only Thomas production? Let me know if you think I should follow through with this if Bachmann ever 0lans to make Diesel 10.
Thomas & Friends / Re: Bringing DCC ready stateside
January 30, 2021, 10:14:53 PM
Looks like they've answered this request. Thomas and Percy are being released with DCC and Sound in the US.
I'm definitely getting HO Ryan, N scale Toby, N scale S.C. Ruffy and Large Scale Paxton. Those I was actually surprised at. I thought for sure we would get Gordon and Henry for N scale maybe next year hopefully. Really excited for these.
Thomas & Friends / Re: Bringing DCC ready stateside
January 21, 2021, 10:38:11 PM
How great would it be if they released Thomas products with DCC and Sound? They did for Large Scale maybe we'll get it for HO now. Maybe now is the time.
Thomas & Friends / Re: N Scale Bachmann Thomas
November 28, 2020, 10:10:06 PM
I just got Percy and the troublesome trucks and my local train store just ordered Annie and Clarabel. Thomas isn't in the warehouse because the demand is too high I guess and they have to wait for more Thomas models to arrive. I will be getting Thomas as soon as he gets in the warehouse. I'm very hopeful that in February we get Gordon and the express coaches. I'm really hoping we get those. Any questions about this comment are greatly appreciated.
HO / Re: Dash 8/ Dash 9
August 24, 2020, 11:21:55 PM
Thank you everyone for the feedback, I'm gonna try and find one. Happy railroading!
Oh Chaz that's a very good point. I'm pretty sure we are gonna get Gordon and Henry in N scale because all of Bachmann's n scale trains use the same track radius. So I don't think Gordon and Henry should be too challenging. Now I know this sounds rather illogical but maybe we could get Diesel 10 and Lady in N scale. Just because they weren't made in HO maybe we could get them in N scale if the demand is there. Just a thought. Well anyways Chaz I hope you have a great day, I just got Troublesome Truck 1 and Troublesome Truck 2 and I love them so much. I'm getting Percy when he comes out and my grandma told me she's getting me Thomas for Christmas. So my n scale line of Thomas products will be rolling along nicely.
Good point. But as far as rolling stock I wanna see the Express coaches made as soon as possible. I think they'll go great with James. Since James was announced earlier this year and most likely won't be out until next year. I think the Express Coaches would be a great addition.
Anyone want Gordon or Henry in N scale along with the express coaches? I think it's a good idea.
Thomas & Friends / Re: N Scale Bachmann Thomas
August 24, 2020, 02:21:57 PM
Anyone here believe Gordon or Henry should be announced next in N scale? I think it's possible for them to be made.