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Is it August when we normally get announcements for Thomas stuff, I can never remember?
Talking about off rail characters, I'm very surprised they haven't made Trevor, popular model character, made it into CGI, good friendship with Edward.
When I started collecting back in 2016, the first three things I obtained was the Thomas/Harold/Bertie set, followed by the Salty set and finally the Emily set. I felt like it was a great way to buy stuff in bulk especially with the track being more difficult to obtain in the UK. But now because I owned nearly everything available, I have no need to buy any more starter sets. I also think that most collectors already own the main three engines, Thomas, Percy and James, so they wouldn't have the need to buy the sets. The concept is great for new collectors, but I always felt the oval/circle of track was a bit dull and would love something extra to make it slightly unique.

Maybe Thomas, Annie, Clarabel, Bertie with an oval of track with a crossing so children could relive the Thomas/Bertie race.

A Percy set with either Troublesome Trucks or even a Mail Coach and a Break Van with a helipad and Harold.

Then finally James with the red express coaches with a siding and maybe a platform.

Children would like to relive their favourite moments from the show, a parent could then buy a cheaper bundle set to start the hobby off for then. (:
Out of the four mentioned, I would like to see Whiff first.

However, if they are going to release duos, could they announce Porter seeing as Salty is getting a rerelease?
From what I believe, Hornby owns the licence to the Flying Scotsman, which is why Bachmann haven't made a regular version on the engine.
After what Doug Blaine said about Stepney, I feel that is very unlikely that any character that wasn't in the CGI era of Thomas will be made.
Pretty pleased that we are getting Sir Topham Hatt's car, makes sense as it can go with the family figure pack.

What is the open carriage from? I don;t remember seeing it, but I'm guessing it'll look good.

Shame there isn't a new Narrow Gauge engine announced, but it also means I can catch up, seeing as I only started collecting them since Christmas.

I don't collect N Scale, but it's great to see Henrietta to go with Toby, though I do think it would have been the perfect time to put a face on her. At least she makes sense unlike Toad, I do think they should release rolling stock that fits with the character they are releasing.
Like Thomas, Annie & Clarabel
Percy, Mail coach, Break van
James, Red Express Coaches
Toby, Henrietta, an open wagon
Emily, her coaches
Gordon, Green Express Coaches

I do wish starter sets came with a little bit more than a circle/oval, a siding or something would be cool, I find the circle/oval is a little boring.
Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Topic
January 23, 2023, 03:27:13 AM
Just curious, when is Toyfair this year?
What I think would be cool for Bachmann, them doing a ballot to decide future models. Super Smash Bros did it a few years ago and most of the popular picks became characters in the next game.

Bachmann wouldn't even need to tell us the results and they wouldn't need to pick the most popular choice, they could the pick the most reasonable and possible choices, for example the top ten were, let's say:

1: Stepney
2: BoCo
3: Diesel 10
4: Hiro
5: Stanley
6: Porter
7: Whiff
8: Nia
9: Glynn
10: Charlie

They would go through the list and think, well we'll see which Engines Mattel would let us make, oh we can't get the materials for Stepney and BoCo. Diesel 10 can't be made because of his claw. Hiro could be a good choice, we'll make him.. Yes, I made the list up as an example.
I do think Beau is such a strange choice for an engine, especially for the reason we were given for us not getting Stepney.

I understand why we aren't getting Stepney because it's been a long time since we seen him, I'm guessing it's very unlikely we will be getting characters that have not made it to CGI, so that will rule out BoCo and Duke too. Them two and Stepney are the three models I would love to see too.

But announcements, the next Narrow Gauge no doubt will be Duncan, it looks as though they are planning on bringing out 1-6 of the Narrow Gauge engines. After Duncan, it'll be interesting who they will do next, Victor, Luke, Millie? Those three are very likely, I can't think of any other Narrow Gauge engines that made it to CGI.

Out of the HO/OO models I don't think there is an easy option to pick to be made, I think the following are possible.

Nia: As much as as I don't care so much about the BWBA series, she became a main character and Rebecca has already been announced, bringing her out to finish the second Steam Team (third if you count #1-8 as the orginal team like me), but she is also a bright orange color, something that would stand out to the younger fans if railroads.

Sidney: A easy repaint as he is the same engine as Diesel, Paxton, 'Arry, Bert. Sidney would be cheap to produce as all they need to do I think is repaint and change the face.

Hiro: From what I believe, Hiro is extremely popular in Japan, but I'm unsure if Bachmann sell their models in Japan, or if they do, do they sell well? I'm not sure if Hiro could gey more of an interest in the Japanese Market or even be a selling point to start selling there if they aren't sold.

Charlie: I know alot of people don't like him as a character, but he is a small engine and a unique bright color to interest the younger fans. Maybe children found his jokes funny as actually enjoyed him as a character, so he could be possible.

Porter: Now that Salty is being reintroduced, I think Porter is possible to be announced. Especially as Ryan was announced after Daisy, so it's possible they want to put another duo out after each other.

Stanley: A white and Silver engine, once again another bright stand out color combination, I don't think he is likely as others, but still possible to be announced in the next five or so years.

My most wanted Engine who has made it into CGI I guess would be Whiff, I do like his design, and I do get bored of 0-6-0 Engines, so it would be a nice change. If Whiff did get made it could bring out the possibility of bring Scruff afterwards.

If we got any repaints, I would love to see Scrapped Versions of both Oliver and Toad.The redish Oliver with scrap written on his would look quite cool and interesting in my opinion.

As long as we don't get another James repaint I will be happy, but then again there is the episode where he is pink and the episode where he was in multiple different colors.

Rolling stock I would like to see would maybe be Bradford the breakvan, maybe the Tar Wagon if I remember it just discontinued. Maybe Bachmann could do the Slip Coaches as they are three coaches with the same design maybe with a different face each. I would like to see Henrietta with a face, which I think if she got made, a Hannah could easily be made too, after all repaint are easy ways for Bachmann to make money? An odd choice I would like to see, I think it's name is Lei, the truck that constantly fell off the track.

I don't collect G Scale or N Scale

I do think Henry then Edward would be next in the N Scale line.

Ryan: 58823
Toby's Museum Coach: 76032
Toby's Museum  Break Coach: 76033
Yellow Rheneas: 58605
Blue Brake Van: 77206
Red Brake Van: 77207
Blue Box Van: 77208
Red Box Van: 77209
Apparently we are getting HO Ryan, Toby's Museum coach and break coach.

Narrow Gauge Yellow Rheneas, red and blue breakvans and red and blue box vans.
If we got repaints, I would love to see scrapped Oliver and Toad.
Thomas & Friends / Re: Mavis pupil size change
August 13, 2020, 03:14:12 PM
Most likely a factory error, I have the Diesel with the buffers painted wrong.
Thomas & Friends / Re: N Scale Bachmann Thomas
August 02, 2020, 03:29:34 PM
Just curious, could these connect with the Skarloey engines?