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N / Dash 8-40CW DCC
January 18, 2009, 10:14:54 PM
I have recently aquired a Bachmann Union Pacific Dash 8-40CW #9404.  My question to all of you is what DCC decoder am I to put into the locomotive, or does it already have a DCC decoder?  I have never worked with DCC as I am a G-Scaler with onboard battery RCS. ;)

Also, are there any precautions I should take with this locomotive?

Large / Posting Rules?
October 15, 2008, 03:39:47 PM
I hate to be a pain in the neck, but....

What are the posting rules?  Cause I cannot find them anywhere.  The reason I ask is that there have been a few posts deleated without any reason provided.  So if there are things that we cannot say, then please do say what they are so we will not say them.  And when a post is deleated, could a reason be provided so we know that a line was crossed and know not to go that way again.
Large / Milwaukee Road Baggage
August 13, 2008, 02:23:09 PM
I recently got the Milwaukee Road Baggage car from the Big Hauler series.  Does anyone know what scale the car is?  From what I have found, the car is about 6" from railhead to car top, which comes out to about 14'4".  14'4" is around what the "standard" car height was.  If this is true, then the car is 1:28 scale.  If the car was 1:22.5, then it would be a 7.5" tall model with a 14'4" tall real car.

Is the car really 1:28 scale, or is it a model of a smaller/freelance car?
N / Foam/Cork glue
September 14, 2007, 08:18:39 PM
So, I have a layout a friend built.  I would like to re-ballest it as it has had little up-keep since it was build, but I don't know what glue I am suppose to use.  It is foam/cork roadbed.  Would normal Elmers type glue work or no ???.  Any comments are appreciated.
N / American 4-4-0
August 10, 2007, 12:22:32 PM
I have just bought a new Union Pacific #119 4-4-0 American.  When I was test running it on my layout, which a friend built, it always derailed at the switches or areas where the track separated slightly.  I then built a small oval on a table to see if running it with no switchs would help, and yes it did.  Ran nice and smooth for about half and hour when I decided it was time to get some sleep.  Is there a way to add weight to the locomotive and/or tender or is this a track problem. 

Also, the coupler height on the locomotive is a little higher than my other cars, so when I hit a slight hill, the cars uncouple.  Is there a better coupler I could be using, or is there a way to lower the locomotive/raise another cars coupler?  The coupler I currently have is the standard Bachmann factory coupler.  I do have an Atlas locomotive that came with Accumate couplers,  would that be a better choice?