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Dear Mr Bachmann,

Here is a loco that could be kitbashed ( which I intend to do ) of the 1:22.5 Scaled Bachmann Columbia and the Bachmann 0-4-0 PORTER

Central Espartaco sugar mill - no.1 Porter 0-4-2 of 1884 This Loco is 30 Inch Gauge

" Central Espartaco no.1, the Porter built 0-4-2 of 1884, had all the features typical of an American built loco of this period with a tall chimney, domes and a bell. H K Porter built many small locos and this 2ft 6in gauge example must be one of the nicest they built. "

1/24 Scale ( 1:22.5 Scale close enough ) on O Gauge Track is 30 Inch Gauge

Would be great if you introduced 1:22.5 Scale Locos for O Gauge Track.


Dear Mr Bachmann,

Do all of the 1:22.5 0-4-0 PORTER locomotives come with metal side rods ?

I want to buy one for a Kit Bash but do not want plastic side rods.

Thank you,


2023 June 27 Tuesday,

Dear Mr. Bachmann,

According to other Online Forums,

due to the material selected for the Gearing of the Large Scale 4-4-0 ,

the Main Gear is Failing.

Given that an incorrect material was used for the Main Gear,

will BACHMANN TRAINS be offering a Full Refund with the Cost of Returned Shipment

for those Folks who

have purchased this locomotive AND have NOT Ran their Locomotive

with the Locomotive still unopened in the Original Interior Box Packaging ?



Large / Gn30 " L'il Hauler Lineup "
December 01, 2020, 05:11:27 PM

Dear Mr. Bachmann,

Here is a DELTON 0-4-2T locomotive image that was never produced,

Here is a 30 Inch Gauge PORTER locomotive image that ran on a CUBA Sugar Cane Plantation,

CUBA - Central Espartaco sugar mill - no.1 Porter 0-4-2 of 1884
CENTRAL ESPARTIACO SUGAR MILL No. 1 ( Very close to DELTON 0-4-2T BUT with Inclined Steam Cylinders )
CUBA - Central Espartaco sugar mill's 2ft 6in Gauge Porter built 0-4-2 built in 1884.
World Railways - Railway Photo Galley - Central Espartaco had a 2ft 6in gauge system bringing cane to the sugar mill. The locos included a Baldwin 2-8-0 of 1895, a Porter 0-4-2 dated 1884 and a Henshel built 0-4-0 firelss from 1914.

With a DELTON 0-4-2T Close Up Image,

DELTON was 1/24 Scale which equals O Gauge PECO SM32 Track Gauge at 30 Inch Gauge.

G Scale is 1/22.5 Scale ( Call 1/24 Scale as close enough to 1/22.5 Scale )

How about a New Produce Line of either a DELTON 0-4-2T locomotive or of a PORTER 0-4-2T locomotive

at 1/22.5 Scale at 30 Inch Prototype Track Gauge to run on either

PECO SM32 O Gauge 2 Rail Track or ATLAS O Gauge 2 Rail Track ?

That would open a New Market of " Large Scale " Trains for Apartment Condo Dwellers with curves of 2 Foot Radius or possibly even tighter.


Large / Jackson & Sharp Green D&RGW Passenger Coaches ?
February 18, 2020, 10:54:25 AM

Dear Mr. Bachmann,

Was there a New Product Announcement of

Jackson & Sharp GREEN D&RGW Passenger Coaches ?

When will these become available ?

Large / The Future Big Hauler ANNIVERSARY Paint Scheme?
October 21, 2019, 06:46:04 PM

Dear Mr. Bachmann,

What is the LINK for the Image of the next Paint Version of the Big Hauler Anniversary 4-6-0 locomotive?

What is the Date for the Product Shipment?

Thank you,



Dear Mr Bachmann,

Would the Parts Department install the DRIVERS of the Bachmann Side Tank PORTER onto the BACHMANN COLUMBIA ?

What are the Driver Diameters of the 1:22.5 Scale PORTER and of the later 1:20.3 Scale SPECTRUM PORTER ?

The Firm of Barry's Big Trains has closed down, ceased operations.

Is there a Replacement Firm to follow on after Barry's Big Trains ?

Thank you,


September 02, 2019, 12:56:00 PM


Would someone post the Smokebox Diameter of the Spectrum 4-4-0 ?

Thank you,



LGB  76-L29000

8,999.99 Euro equals
10,188.03 United States Dollar.


Dear Mr. Bachmann,

What is the HOn30 SKARLOEY ( Without Face ) Prototype Locomotive?

What is the Prototype Locomotive Year of Construction?

What is the Prototype Locomotive Build Number?

Thank you,


Dear Mr. Bachmann,

Referring to Mr. Scot Lawrence's  29n2 article,

S Gauge track = 7/8 " or 22.43 mm

0 Gauge track = 1 1/4 " or 32 mm ( 3 foot Gauge ) * 2/3 = 21.33 mm

The ratio of 0 Gauge : S Gauge = The ratio of three foot gauge : two foot gauge.

At the scale of 1/28.5 ,

1 Gauge track at 44.45 mm * 28.5 = 1266.825 mm = 49.875 inch 
                         4' 8 1/2" = 56.5 inch
                         56.5 inch - 49.875 inch = 6.625 inch = that is 6 5/8 inch too narrow track

0 Gauge track at 32 mm * 28.5 = 912 mm = 35.91 inch , that is 0.09 inch too narrow track

S Gauge track at 22.43 mm * 28.5 = 639.255 mm = 25.17 inch , that is 1.17 inch too wide track

Inline image

Clearly Scot's idea of 1/29 Scale should be adopted by large scale manufactures as 1 Gauge track currently represents 4' 8 1/2" , 0 Gauge track would represent 3 foot gauge and S Gauge track would represent 2 foot gauge.



Which Testors paint color will match the Russia Iron paint of the E&P boiler jacket?

Thank you,



Dear Mr. Bachmann:


The Little Hauler 0-4-0

I notice that there is somewhat of a similarity. A backdated 1800's styled Little Hauler might help to sell this mold if released again. Remove the cast plastic bell and add piston rods. Locate the smoke stack in line with the steam chest.

I would buy a few 1800's style engines. I like the 1:22.5 and 1:24 scale.

I disposed of all my 1:20.3 locos except for one. The 1:20.3 detail is fantastic but I just do not like the large size of the models. A 1:29 scale 4-4-0 V&T with the detail level of the 1:20.3 4-4-0 would be great.

Any of my future Bachmann product purchases will have to be at the 1:22.5 scale.



General question.

What happened to cause the downturn of the large scale market sales? Did too many hobbyists simply grow old and die off ?


Dear Mr. Bachmann:

Here is a line drawing of an Allen Models 2-6-0 design to modify the existing Bachmann Indy 2-6-0 as a new product release of a narrow gauge style 2-6-0 . Use the existing unmodified Indy tender. Remove the sand dome adjacent to the smoke stack.

Bachmann Indy photo:

Allen Models 2-6-0 line drawing

Allen Models 2-6-0 photograph

Mr. Bachmann and others, what are your thoughts?


On30 / Tokyo Disneyland 30 inch gauge locos
December 21, 2016, 11:31:02 PM
Hi Mr. Bachmann:

Is there any chance of Bachmann producing models of the Tokyo Disneyland 30 inch gauge locos?

This would be a perfect fit for track gauge.

Dear Mr. Bachmann:

O scale track gauge 32 mm

2 foot gauge track at 1/20.3 scale = 24/20.3 in. = 30 mm = O scale track = SM32 O gauge track

2 foot gauge track at 1/19 scale = 24/19 in. = 1.263 in. = 32 mm  =  SM32  O gauge track

Is there any chance that the 1/20.3 Forney will be released again in 32 mm track gauge?

Large / Possible sugar plantation locomotives
December 03, 2016, 05:42:48 PM
Hi Mr. Bachmann:

Here are two sugar plantation style locos that would be a neat follow up to the Indy:

1) Baldwin 'LIZARD' was built for the Lower Lafourche Planting and Manufacturing Company operators of a sugar cane plantation near Houma in Louisiana and numbered 29102 with a build date of June 1906.


Large / shipping weight of the Spectrum 4-4-0
November 24, 2016, 04:06:42 PM
Dear Mr. Bachmann:

Would find out for me what is the shipping weight of the Spectrum 4-4-0 and Spectrum 2-6-0 locos ?

Thank you.