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Large / K-27 locks up when changing direction.
January 17, 2008, 07:24:43 PM
My DRGW 455 K runs sweet and quiet but it has this little anoying quirk after a few loops around my indoor layout I will stop the loco and try to reverse it,some times it reverses some times not.  When it does not reverse I noticed the  2nd axle lifts up and the siderod jambs. If I pull rod down loco runs ok.Siderod has a joint between 2nd and 3rd axle to allow the rod to flex as drivers negotiate rough track, however rr track is perfectly flat. This also will happen if loco is run a few laps in reverse then stopped and I try to run it forward . I'm starting to think that problem is related to prior post about loose counterweights. There is a lot of play in the siderod /counterweight part of the mechanism and I wonder if that is causing lock up problem as motor /gearbox runs smooth as glass. Anyone else having this problem???, Any help would be appreciated.
Large / Loose counterweights on K-27
January 17, 2008, 06:55:38 PM
The counterweights on my k27 are wobbly/loose. The screws are tight ,that was the first thing I checked. Is anyone else suffering this malady? Anyone have a cure?
Large / Gramps and UTLX tankcars
January 12, 2008, 02:36:55 PM
Mr. Bachmann,
Are the handrail stanchions on the new tank car plastic or metal? I looked at photos and can't tell.  I am hoping they are metal for durabilities sake as I have seen broken rail holders on Accu's tankcars .
Large / How my K-27 runs on 8 foot diameter track
January 09, 2008, 07:34:22 PM
I recievd my K on 12-28 -07.  It is a beautiful engine. After lubing it up I ran it on my 8 x19 ft indoor loop of track. There have been a lot of questions regarding running K on 8 ft dia. track.   Here's what I found;
1-It only needs about the clearance requirements of a Connie or 45 tonner.
2-It can push or pull a train using the front coupler without derailing car being pulled or pushed. No problem with tender coupler.
3-It did not negotiate 5 ft. dia. curve. Tender and engine hit. I pushed loco into curve it felt real tight, the fact that so large a loco runs on 8 ft dia. is  a miracle, dont expect tighter curves than that!!
4-It has gone thru lgb 8 ft dia. switches without problems.You may experience a tapping sound in curves,mine is caused by 2nd axle riding up and falling down on rail,the more it ran the less it did it. I suspect the driver springs may not be strong enough to hold driver down during tight curves, and suspect the problem wont surface on larger than 8 ft dia. curves.
5- loco doesnt slow down at all running thru 8 ft dia curves.
6-loco starts moving  on very low voltage even before headlite lites up!
7-I'm a rivet counter and a few of the small but easily changed details are not correct for the drgw 455 version,does that bother me? ,not in the least.
8-Easily pulls 7 cars will definatly pull more cars but thats all the cars I have unpacked at the present!
9- Pittman motor is huge and gear box is substancial as well, a cooling fan is mounted above motor to keep motor running cool!!
10-Thank you Bachmann for making my favorite engine at a price I can afford :) !!  I hope this helps answer some questions that have been asked on the forums .
Large / Surging 38 ton shay
October 02, 2007, 07:36:59 PM
My 38 ton shay has a surge mainly slow speed forward on 8' dia. curves, reverse runs much smoother & straight track smooth too. Track Is good Loco is lubed and broken in couple of hours. I heard that the problem might be overly long screws on truck side frames that are touching gears on inside of power trucks. Anyone have any insites on this problem?
Large / k27
October 02, 2007, 07:28:26 PM
  Thank you Bachmann crew for doing the K- 27 . RGS 455 is my choice for this years new loco. I did notice one small mistake that no one has mentioned yet. There is a small handrail above # board. That rail should be up higher. As it is the hand rail stanchion is mounted on top of the smokebox door hinge ,it should be located above the hinge.  I hope that this small error can be corrected prior to manufacturing. Glad to hear it will have a pittman motor and be available mute! Keep up the good work.