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General Discussion / New 2-10-2 - DCC - not working
August 19, 2009, 09:41:40 PM
I just got a replacement loco from Bachmann
I put on the program track and it was recognized and took the programming I thought
However once I placed it on the main it does nothing  - I am not new to DCC
I am new to the DCC - steam loco though and the item did not come with any special instructions for setting it up
I have checked the wire connections and they are good
The train did do the small moves forward during programming I amused to seeing so
Any input would be nice

Thank You
Richard Willison
I have two trains which I need to find the original parts breakdown that they shipped with.
1)Bachmann FT-A unit B&O
2)Bachmann Dewitt Clinton Set

thank you
Richard Willison
General Discussion / Life Like Diagram
April 26, 2009, 04:58:08 PM
I found a Life Like H0 scale loco
It looks like  GP series loco no real Identifiers as to what model
It is a great Northern shell
The bottom of the train simply says Life Like - made in china
The electronics are labeled - 440-X002/1998 07.03 - Has the 8 pin connector
The life like website says it is down and the company was purchased by Bachmann
General Discussion / Loco Wheel Bushings
April 17, 2009, 07:14:52 PM
Hello All,
I have a new problem (already wrote to service about getting some new parts).
My Bachmann  H0 scale 2-8-0 DCC equipted Loco and tender has busted a bushing in two of the loco wheels and now will not run due to the alignment of the wheels.
Does anyone know if Bachmann sells the bushings?
And if not does anyone have a fix for this issue?

Richard Willison
I need a diagram of the underside of a bachmann remote turnout.

Also wanted to say this is a great forum with tons of great info and loads of good people.

Thanks to all
Richard Willison
I had a micro switch go bad and it made one of my EZ-Track remote turnouts remain powered for an unusually long time
I replaced the micro switch however the turnout seems to have burnt out
makes noise but won't switch.
Does anyone know if they make replacements for the turnout switches or do I need to replace the entire turnout?
I am working a 10'x4' layout I am using bachmann ez track
I have two crossovers and several turnouts
I plan on wiring them to a switch panel and removing the switches supplied by bachmann
Does anyone have the wiring Scematic for the three feed wires