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On30 / Ideas for On30 Kitbashing
July 28, 2019, 06:00:36 PM
From a recent trip to Wales to ride the Welsh Highlands Railway and the Ffestiniog Railway. Of particular interest should be the 190 - not a prototype for the upcoming 2-6-2 but paint, some detail changes, and imagination - it's a starter.
On30 / Neat Industrial Line
November 03, 2018, 09:00:36 PM
This line begs to be modeled. I think the power unit from the Bachmann trolley car would make a good start for the locomotive.
On30 / Rumor has it there's a new 2-6-0?
January 30, 2018, 11:55:17 AM
I've seen a couple of posts on On30 message boards there is a new Bachmann 2-6-0 (0-6-0 according to some) yet I have seen no photos to prove the existence of said model.

Any truth to the rumors?
On30 / Prototype for a new On30 Shay
September 02, 2017, 09:20:42 PM
This shay still survives, is actually 30 inch gauge, and while a little beefier is still just a two cylinder Shay. Love the cabbage stack!
The NMRA National Train Show got underway today.

Any word if Bachmann is going to release any new On30 this coming year?
This has On30 written all over it. Would image a few On3ers would "broad gauge" a production model.
On30 / Prototype begging to be modeled in On30!
February 21, 2017, 10:05:57 AM
Formerly of the Klondike Mines Railway, then the White Pass & Yukon Route, followed by a few private owners, this locomotives is now going to be owned and operated by the new operation/museum at Como, Colorado. Little #4 just begs to be a prototype for an On30 locomotive!

See the link:,325696,325698#msg-325698

Change the stack to a cabbage and swap the pilot out for foot boards and you have a great mainline runner for your logging operation!
On30 / New On30!
May 21, 2016, 08:56:22 PM
There is a link to the 2016 Catalog and there is some new On30 stuff - sort of.

18 foot Murphy roof box car in grey with data.
two new paint schemes for passenger coaches.

lots of Porters - don't recall if these went out of production but they are in the new catalog

18 ft. black flat car data only

Most of the locomotives are still in stock.
On30 / Little Giants - 30 inch 2-10-2s
September 26, 2015, 07:37:37 PM
Here is a link to video of some of the Rio Turbio 2-10-2s in operation.

I would love to see Bachmann manufacture one of these.  Cool locomotives and a very modern steam operation. Used the Porta modifications.

These little giants pulled some incredibly long trains without double heading.
There has been considerable speculation of the past couple of years about the slowing of sales in On30.

I am probably wrong, but I think there are two contributing factors:

a) finite number of modelers who use On30
b) locomotive fleet saturation.

I have:

1 BLI C-16
2 2-6-0
1 OF 4-4-0
1 Heisler
1 2-6-6-2
1 OF 2-8-0
1 0-4-2T Porter

3 diesel kitbashes

The prize of the fleet - 1 brass Backwoods Miniatures NG-16 Garratt 2-6-2+2-6-2

That is a lot of motive power for a medium/small layout.

The only reason I bought a Heisler is because its my favorite geared locomotive type. Promptly bashed it with the Backwoods Miniatures kit. Big improvement IMHO.

I would not be surprised if others have fleets like mine. At some point and time, enough motive power is enough. So, you just stop buying more locomotives.

Somehow Bachmann needs to increase the size of the On30 market - tough when you look at the demographics of the hobby, or focus on rolling stock with fewer locomotive pieces being introduced.

On30 / On30 Market?
January 14, 2015, 01:09:35 PM
I am curious. Where is the On30 market the largest?

Europe or the United States or another region?

The link below will take you to an online history of the 2 ft. SAR railways.

The famous NG-16 Garratts ran there. These were the largest 2 ft. gauge locomotives ever built and had almost the same tractive effort as a Rio Grande K-27.

The next largest/most powerful locomotives used on this line were NG-15's which could hit 40 mph! These were/are 2-8-2s and that were designed to take really tight curves - the lead driver was tied to the pony truck. These were essentially 4-6-2's with the first wheel of the pony truck being powered.

These could be "Americanized" or serve as the source for unlimited bashes into 2-8-2s in On30!

Just a thought. Neat locomotive.
On30 / C&S 2-6-0 to 2-8-0!
October 30, 2013, 09:10:53 PM

That is a really nice 2-8-0! And being a fan of the C&S B-4D class I am curious how you did the conversion and what chasis you used for the conversion.

Thank you for sharing the photo.

I had originally planned to only purchase one Heisler and to use it as the yard and sometimes woods switch engine. With the arrival of my Backwoods Miniatures conversion kit, I might have to rethink that concept. The kit provides for a wood burning (coal) and oil burning conversion.

It is simple a simple and straightforward looking kit. I have skimmed the directions once. Without including time for painting, this appears to be a conversion that could be done easily in a week of evenings or less. The details included provide a lot of options for variety in how the finished locomotive is detailed.

It is easy to imagine no two finished conversions will look the same.

I just had to share my excitement about the arrival of this kit. I have wanted a Heisler for my roster for some time and this kit will allow me to create the locomotive I envisioned.

For those who have never seen photos of the conversion kit on a finished locomotive, here is the link to the Backwoods Miniatures site.
On30 / Backwoods Miniatures Heisler Kits Ready!
July 05, 2013, 06:02:31 PM
Time to scrape together the money for one of these!

I believe BM is also going to do a "detail only" kit that does not include the body pieces, just the detail parts.

Here is the link:

Ugly little beast! Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I think this kit is a nice option for those who wanted a more "traditional" Heisler in terms of appearance.
On30 / This is a narrow gauge beauty! I want one!
June 11, 2011, 06:18:40 PM
I want one of these! Mr. Bachmann? Anyone?!!!!,file=14952
On30 / Great little narrow gauge 2-6-2T
January 06, 2011, 10:29:54 PM
This link will take you to a great little narrow gauge locomotive built by Baldwin.

It would make a great prototype for Bachmann to produce.,file=13093
On30 / Mr. Bachmann - here's a Heisler to produce
October 23, 2010, 08:27:20 PM
This is a classic Heisler, still in operation today on the Sumpter Valley operation where she spent most of her original career hauling logs.

The link below will take you to the photo.,171922

Bachmann could sell a lot of these.

As much as I like the Westside Heislers, this one would have as much appeal in my opinion.  It would be popular with On3 guys as well who would convert it from On30 to On3.
On30 / Source for EBT and ET&WNC Passenger Coaches!
October 23, 2010, 02:39:09 PM
I just obtained two kits from Deerfield River Laser. One is for EBT Coach #8-11. The other is for an ET&WNC coach.

Neither is an exact replica kit, though Deerfield does make kits that produce replicas.

These are laser cut wood kits designed to retrofit the Bachmann passenger coaches. 

I have not assembled either yet but have read the directions. Less painting, decaling and weathering it is my estimation that assembly will be 1.5 hours for the first and much less for the second kit. Through glue drying time as well.

The links below should take you right to the page for each kit.

Deerfield also makes Maine 2 ft. coaches.

Deerfield makes closed vestibule ET&WNC coaches as well, but alas, no short Bachmann version just yet.

Also, no Rio Grande style RPO but there is hope.